Incipio iPhone Cases

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I can’t believe that it’s been almost eight years since we had a review of an Incipio case on The Gadgeteer! Back then, the review was of a generic PDA case. Today I have three iPhone very different cases for you to take a look at.

Incipio iPhone case

The three Incipio cases that we’ll be looking at are:

ORION – Leather-like sleeve
Executive – Leather covered plastic shell with belt-clip
Silicrylic – Part silicone skin, part plastic shell


The ORION is a simply designed protective sleeve.

Incipio iPhone case

Available in several colors (Black, Orange, Pink, Cammo, White, Blue, Green, and Brown), I was sent the Black version of this sleeve. It has a smooth leather-like feel, but is made of a synthetic material with a soft micro suede lining.

Incipio iPhone case

The iPhone slides into the open topped sleeve and is held securely inside it with friction.

Incipio iPhone case

To extract the phone from the sleeve, you use the EasyReach tab. A pull of the tab magically levitates the iPhone an inch or so out the case so that you can grab the top to fully extract it. This is a nice touch.

The materials and workmanship are quite nice. The fact that it isn’t real leather, doesn’t bother me. I like its simple style and would use this case to carry my iPhone in my gear bag.

Price: $19.99


The Executive case is a combination of leather and plastic, with a belt clip.

Incipio iPhone case

Available in seven colors (Black, Camo, White, Red, Brown, Orange and Pink), I was sent the Black version.

Incipio iPhone case

The case is comprised of a front and back shell. Each half is made of plastic and is covered in a fine grained leather (the Camo, Pink, Orange cases are made of synthetic leather). The box details mention suede lining. It isn’t suede as far as I can tell. I think it’s just a very thin layer of neoprene.

Incipio iPhone case

The way it works is that you place the iPhone in the bottom half of the shell and snap on the top half. What you end up with is a very secure wrap-around protective case with only the display left open.

Incipio iPhone case

The Executive case looks like a very tight play through leather case with contrasting white stitching. There are generous openings in the top for the earphone jack and power button.

Incipio iPhone case

Also on the bottom for the docking connector.

Incipio iPhone case

The cutout on the side for the volume and mute button is a bit small though. Actually, it’s just the top half of the shell that is the problem. The edge of the opening is too low, so you have to use the very edge of your thumb or thumbnail to activate the volume button or mute button.

Except for the side button cutout issue, I like this case. It adds very little bulk to your iPhone, is comfortable to hold in your hand and looks nice.

Price: $24.99


If you’re a fan of silicone skin type cases, but wish you could have some hard shell protection too, this might be the case for you…

Incipio iPhone case

The Silicrylic is a combination soft silicone skin and acrylic shell. This product is available in the color combinations of: Red/Clear, Pink/Clear, Black/Smoke, White/Clear, and Mercury/Smoke. The first color is the silicone skin the the other color is the acrylic shell. I was sent the Pink/Clear version.

Incipio iPhone case

Here you see the two parts that make up this case. The skin is a soft stretchy silicone which is very easy to install on the iPhone.

Incipio iPhone case

Once the iPhone is in the skin, you just press the phone into the clear plastic shell. You don’t need to worry about it falling off.

Incipio iPhone case

There is an opening in the top of the skin for your earphone and a rubber button is over the power button allows for easy access.

Incipio iPhone case

A large cutout for the docking connector and speakers is on the bottom.

Incipio iPhone case

You can manipulate the volume switch easily, due to another thick rubber button built into the skin. Accessing the mute switch isn’t as easy though. The thickest of the skin, coupled with the plastic shell make it difficult to flip with the tip of your finger. You can use your fingernail though…

The Silicrylic is interesting to look at and feels comfortable in hand. While it won’t protect the display on your iPhone, it should help prevent scratches to the sides and back.

Price: $24.99 (White version is $19.99)


Product Information

Manufacturer:Incipio Technologies
Retailer:Incipio Technologies
  • Apple iPhone
  • Orion has nifty pull tab feature
  • Executive is comfortable in hand and adds the least bulk
  • Hard to access volume buttons with the Executive case
  • Hard to access mute switch with the Silicrylic case

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  2. Julie,

    thanks for the reviews. How do you think the ORION compares to Sena’s UltraSlim Pouch? Do either one of them have any rigid protection for the screen?


  3. mcurtis:
    The ORION is more rigid than the Sena UltraSlim Pouch and will protect the iPhone’s display quite a bit more due to that fact.

  4. OMG,damn cool and luxuriant ,superb cases! I just want 2 purchase a iphone because of ur shining cases!
    You’re a bad man!fellow!

    well, i just got my iphone for christmas. It is very good. However i belive that apple could have made it even better. For example the ephemeral battery.However the functions that are with are excellent and i would recommend getting it. But i wouldnt spend all your money i would say get the 8GB.

    And today I’ve found my cool iphone silicone case online occasionally!This Rose Color and handy design makes my ipod touch be much more attractive for . This unique case gives my iPod Touch a great look and style.And it is supposed to give your iphone protection from scratches and minor drops.Dust resistant and keep dust from absorbing on the iPhone protector case for much static charge.Aha,Thought i’ll get another ipohne,it’s a Perfect collocation,Does it?IMO, it is a great accessorie for a Apple iPhone owner to have.

    [Edited at May 02, 2008 07:11:22 AM.]

  5. Julie:
    This time I’m glad to tell u I’ve got both of the cases you’ve showed.YEah,they’re so beautiful and glaring i’ve never met.Thank you!
    This is my third time 2 post here.why? As my girlfriend’s nickname is “julie” too!LOL!
    when compared to other convers or cases,skin silicone cases feel softer to the touch and reduce surface dust,while the anti-sli properies gives your device more grip on surface.So i prefer the pink one more…And I also bought one for my girlfriend.
    With iphone silicone cases you can protect your new(awesome)iphone and your investment too while being fashion forward and cutting-edge.
    Good luck!!!

    [Edited at May 02, 2008 07:11:53 AM.]

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