Gaming accessory for iPhone/iPod touch

The GoPlay Sidekick from Kanex enhances your iOS game playing experience by giving you a real controller that you can hold in your hands instead of a virtual controller on your iPhone or iPad’s screen. The GoPlay Sidekick is small enough to put in your pocket and features a device stand that’s built into the… Read More

This Bluetooth Game Controller from Allputer works with iPhones and even iPads.  (Allputer says it has a known problem with Android devices running Android 4.0, but it should be compatible with devices running some other versions of Android.)  The controller has a telescoping holder at the top to hold your phone in place, or you… Read More

Flicker Interactive has taken a two-pronged approach to standing out in the iPhone case landscape. Built into the back face are little “ears” that stick out to provide space for winding the cord of your earbuds around. The handles also serve to hold the iPhone in landscape mode for interactive gaming.

With the PlayStation Vita from Sony, you’ll be able to continue your PS3 play – uninterrupted – between your PS3 and the Vita with compatible titles.  You can even store a game in the cloud for access from anywhere.  The PlayStation Vita has an Arm Cortex A9 (4 core) chip, a 5″ 960 X 544… Read More

Plug the GamePad controller from 60beat into the audio jack on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, and you’ll be able to control your game play with a multitude of buttons, joysticks, and controllers.  (There’s an audio splitter, so you’ll still be able to hear your game sounds.)  The GamePad has 2 analog joysticks, a… Read More

ThinkGeek fooled some of us with their iCade April Fool’s joke, but the Pinball Magic “[app]cessory” from New Potato Technologies seems to be legit.  You connect your iPhone/touch’s docking connector to the pinball-machine frame from New Potato and download the free Pinball Magic app from iTunes and turn your iPhone or touch into a realistic pinball machine –… Read More