Sony’s PlayStation Vita – Never Stop Playing

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With the PlayStation Vita from Sony, you’ll be able to continue your PS3 play – uninterrupted – between your PS3 and the Vita with compatible titles.  You can even store a game in the cloud for access from anywhere.  The PlayStation Vita has an Arm Cortex A9 (4 core) chip, a 5″ 960 X 544 OLED (16:9) multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, and a “six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer), three-axis electronic compass.”  It also has 802.11b/g/n WiFi,  3G connectivity through the AT&T Mobile Broadband Network on some models, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR (A2DP/AVRCP/HSP), front and rear cameras, a built-in microphone, and built-in stereo speakers.  In addition to the dual analog sticks on the front, there’s a multi-touch capacitive touchpad on the back of the Vita to control gameplay.  The release date is 2/22/12, and you can still pre-order from Sony.  The WiFi model is $249.99, or you can pre-order the Launch Bundle with a WiFi/3G PlayStation Vita, 8GB memory card, one-month 250MB AT&T DataConnect Session Pass, and a free PlayStation Network game for $299.99.

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5 thoughts on “Sony’s PlayStation Vita – Never Stop Playing”

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  2. I do not think that price drop is going to happen any time soon. The amount of hardware in this unit is amazing. It is as powerful as a PC was only a few years ago (okay, maybe a little longer than that). It should be noted, however, that sales in Japan have been less than stellar so maybe a $199 price may happen. What do I know?

  3. The PS Vital has a minimal build cost of about $160. So there is no way they can drop the price a whole $100.

    Comparisons to the Nintendo 3DS should keep in mind that the PS Vita is a higher end product than the 3DS.

    Though it could be possible for them to reduce the price of the WiFi only model to the $200 mark, but Sony will have to get pretty desperate first.

  4. I don’t see the price drop happening any quicker than it did for the PS3 – which took like 2-3 years before they did a price drop, along with the hardware refresh. 😀 At this stage, it’s more likely they’ll completely drop the product if it bombs (a la PSP Go) than drop the price. That’s not The Sony Way.

    On the other hand, I’m hoping they release a proper ‘bundle’ with an 8GB card in it, versus this ‘first edition’ one which includes just a 4GB card and a game I could care less about. The leather case it comes with is nice, too… but it’s not worth the extra $50.

  5. Got one of the FEB (First Edition Bundles), and I’ve been using it non-stop for the last week. Can’t wait until the official launch as there are a bunch of apps dropping.

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