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Portabee – 3D printing gets cheaper and more portable


I have no idea what I would make if I had a 3D printer at my disposal, but I just know I want to play with one… The new Portabee 3D printer is an attractive option because it’s reasonably priced at $480 unassembled (don’t worry, there’s no soldering involved and only takes a couple of afternoons […]

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Choc Edge 3D Chocolate Printer

Just a little too late for Easter, but Choc Edge has just released their 3D chocolate maker.  We’ve covered 3D printers before but most of those just make inedible plastic models. Using CAD/CAM software you can extrude 3D chocolates into whatever shape tickles your fancy. The first 10 machines will be auctioned on Ebay and

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3D Printed Guitars Rock

3d Printed Guitar 2

Olaf Diegel from the Auckland University of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand is exploring the limits of 3D printing technologies and applications. Some of his projects are shown on his ODD website.  Case in point his Spider electric guitar which is cut using a EOS Formiga P100 (which I’m guessing is probably a little out of the price range of

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