Your friends may flip-out when they see the D180 Folding Pen

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3D Printed Concepts D180 Folding Pen

Do you find that you never have a pen handy when you need one? Do you find that when you do carry a pen it is either too big to fit in your pocket or too small to use comfortably? The D180 Folding Pen, a Kickstater project from 3D Printed Concepts, hopes to change that. The pen will have two versions, one made out of a nylon material and one made of aluminum and nylon. The D180 Folding Pen is three inches in length when folded and six inches when opened. The pen is designed to fold over a locking cam system that also extends and retracts the pen mechanism. The top half of the pen is hollow with a removable top for storage and the nylon version of the pen floats. The nylon version of the pen will be available in five colors: black, blue, pink, orange and yellow. Funding for this project runs until December 9, 2013 and if funded delivery will start in January 2014. Pledge levels for the D180 Folding Pen start at $49 CAD (approximately $46.90 US) and will get you one nylon D180 Folding Pen of your color choice.

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