Extreme Limit Cases for the Sony CLIÉ T615C Review

Product Requirements:Device:Sony CLIÉ T615C Extreme Limit Body Suit for CLIÉ T615C Horizontal Model I remember complaining a few scant months ago about a lack of cases for the T-Series CLIÉ models. I no longer have anything to whine about…at least, T-Series case-wise… Seems that every case manufacturer in the world was tooled up quickly for …

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MegaMemo for the Palm OS Review

Product Requirements:Device:Almost any Pocketable PDA MegaMemo is what many Palm OS users have long wished the built-in Palm Memo program was, a useable text editor/word processor.  Unlike the Memo application’s almost useless 4kb file size limitation, MegaMemo can write memo files of up to 32kb. This eightfold increase in file size allows MegaMemo to be …

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Covertec Palm m500 Series Wallet Case Review

Product Requirements:Device:Palm m500, m505, m515 Here’s a case for those of you are looking to simplify your lives. Instead of carrying both a wallet and your Palm m500, how about combining your wallet with a PDA case? Covertec has just such a product. The Palm m500 Series Wallet Case is an all leather case available …

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Sony PSYC Portable DVP-PQ1 DVD/CD/MP3 Player Review

Product Requirements:Device:A television with audio and video input jacks How many of you have basically traded in your VHS collection for the DVD equivalent? If you were one of the early adopters, then you can remember when an inexpensive DVD player was upwards of $300, and the word “portable” only applied to the small units …

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Julie’s Gear Diary – 2002-07-07

Hey folks! Tomorrow I’m on my way to Westford, MA for a week long training session for my day job. I’m taking plenty of review items with me to keep me busy. Look for reviews soon of the Seidio emergency and travel chargers, Instant Power chargers and the Wireless Keyboard from Pocketop.

Xigma PDA Cases Review

Hot on the heels of our CLIÉ NR series case reviews fromXigma come a new batch of reviews for various Palm, Pocket PC and Zaurus PDAs. These are high quality leather cases that are available in several styles and colors. [Many of these cases are also available in the US thruSeidio] Zaurus Book Style Case[Julie] …

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