Spinz – another trick pen

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Back in the mid 80’s when I was getting my Computer Tech degree, I remember seeing a guy in one of my classes spinning and twirling a Bic pen around his thumb. I loved watching him do it, but I was too shy to go up to him and ask about it. This was before the internetS, so I couldn’t just google the words “pen tricks” to find the secret. So instead, I’d just try to covertly stare at the guy everytime I saw him, trying to gleen the secrets of his unique talent. I spent hours teaching myself how to do one of the moves and felt so accomplished when I finally mastered it. Now companys are actually selling special trick pens like this one from Spinz.

2 thoughts on “Spinz – another trick pen”

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  2. real “penspinners” craft their own pens. look rsvp mx, made out of a pentel rsvp and a pentel hybrid gel grip.

    cool though..

  3. Bought these as stocking-stuffer xmas presents last year. Cute, but a bit gimmicky and cheaply-built. Really, getting a box of Pentel RSVP pens is a better value.

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