Polymer wallet that is water and tear resistant

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Not a fan of leather wallets? The Dosh wallet from Australia looks like an interesting alternative. It’s made of a flexible water resistant, tear resistant material called Desmopan (which sounds like a drug name) and is available in 3 styles (3 card, 6 card and a larger Euro sized version). There are several colors to choose from as well. The price is kind of steep at $75-$90 though.

5 thoughts on “Polymer wallet that is water and tear resistant”

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  2. They look very nice but how does anyone manage to get by with 3 or even 6 cards: drivers license, credit card, work id card, savings bank card, gov health insurance card, private health insurance card, work credit card, chemist discount card, grocery discount card, car assistance card, staff club card, bookshop discount card, bike club card, …


  3. You have to remember that in Oz they have waterproof banknotes, so you can surf with a few dollars in the back pocket.

    So a waterproof wallet makes more sense.

    To Michael Murray – the answer is to have several wallets for different days. Or only carry what you need on a given day. Or simplify your life.

  4. Thanks for the thoughts Griff. Simplify sounds good. I bought one for my son who has a =< 6 card life so far!


  5. I think this wallet looks cool but cards look like they will slide right out of those slots, and the price don’t justify it for me.

    For a polymer wallet done RIGHT, check out the Flipside Wallet from FlipsideWallet.com. Locks shut, RFID blocking, keeps everyting safe and looks awesome.

  6. I just got one of these as a gift so I have only given it a quick try and then put it back in the case. A standard Mastercard put in one of the slots did not fall out. I gave it quite a hard shake held vertically it didn’t move. The material has more of rubbery feel than the slippery feel of polished leather so there is quite strong friction between that and the card.


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