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Cat Phones Cat S41 rugged smartphone review

The landscape around Android handsets is a veritable cornucopia of products fighting for attention. Walk by any wireless store, kiosk, or even the electronics aisle in your Big Box store, and you’re pelted with names, numbers, sales, and BOGO offers. I was recently sent the Cat S41 smartphone with Android Nougat for review. I was …

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Jelly Pro super mini 4G smartphone review

While most new smartphones make it a point to feature larger displays with each new generation of phone, the designers at Unihertz decided to go the opposite direction when they created the Jelly Pro smartphone. This doll-sized Android smartphone might fool you into thinking that it’s a toy. Let me tell you, it’s not. Grab your …

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LG V10 Android smartphone review

When I reviewed the LG G2 three years ago, I wasn’t convinced that LG’s decision to locate buttons on the back of the phone was a good idea. Who ever heard of putting volume buttons on the back of a phone instead of on the side?  At that time, no one had done it before, but then one year …

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