Joe Porletto

Joe became a Maker at the age of ten after piecing together a Sinclair ZX80 that his grandfather had given him. The bug bit him hard and he’s been tinkering, building, deconstructing and generally creating gadgetry mayhem ever since. Joe lives in Seattle with Addy, his rescue pitty, and Chino, his blind kitty.

Google announces Android Oreo

During yesterday’s solar eclipse, at an event in Manhattan complete with the unveiling of a cookie themed statue, Google officially announced that Android 8.0 will be known as Android Oreo. The OS was previously known simply as Android O. 

Furbo Dog Camera review

The Furbo Dog Camera is a fun way to monitor and interact with your pet remotely. At $249, it’s a little more expensive than most similar remote pet feeders, but it does have some extra features like bark detection, night vision, and a stylish design.

Olight H2R Nova Flashlight review

The Olight H2R Nova Flashlight is a powerful, versatile flashlight that functions great both as a handheld light and a headlamp. The design, battery life, and brightness of the $89.95 flashlight exceeded my highest expectations and it has quickly found its way into my every day carry kit.

Fiil Product Launch

This past week I attended the Fiil Audio’s U.S. product launch in New York City. Fiil was debuting their signature headphones; the Canviis and Canviis Pro on-ear headphones, the Iicon over-ear headphone, and the Carat in-ear headphone.

Luminoodle LED Light Rope review

The Luminoodle Light Rope is a versatile, interesting approach to multi-use outdoor lighting. With bright output, long battery life, a number of mounting options and waterproof housing, the Luminoodle works well in most situations. Some design elements, like the lack of an on/off switch, do cause it to fall a bit short in the field. …

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Nintendo announces Super NES Classic Edition

Following up the massive success and sellouts of the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo is hoping that lightning will strike twice as it announced today the release of a Super NES Classic Edition. Like the NES Classic, the Super NES Classic will be a mini system and will ship with 21 preinstalled classic games. It comes …

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StarTech USB/SATA Drive Duplicator and Eraser review

The StarTech Drive Duplicator and Eraser for SATA and USB Flash Drives is a powerful, simple to use, and versatile tool for IT professionals or consumers who routinely need to manage a number of different types of data drives. Although it’s lacking in documentation and is a bit expensive at the suggested retail price of $796.99, the …

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The Pocket Shot Hammer Full Kit Slingshot review

The Pocket Shot Slingshot is an innovative, modern take on the classic slingshot design. With the addition of the Pocket Hammer handle and Arrow Cap, this reimagining of the classic Y-shaped slingshot, a circular design which replaces strong rubber bands with an elastic pouch, is incredibly effective and so much fun to use.

Apple announces the HomePod, challenger to Amazon Echo and Google Home

One of the most interesting announcements made today at Apple’s Annual WWDC was the release of the Apple HomePod, Apple’s entry into the home assistant arms race. A straight up challenger to the champ, Amazon Echo and the runner-up, Google Home, Apple’s HomePod takes Siri out of your iPhone and places her squarely, for better …

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Cherry MX Silent Keyboard Review

Cherry, a German company known mainly for its high-end mechanical keyboard switches, also sells a line of keyboards. The Cherry MX Board Silent is the first to feature Cherry’s noise-optimized silent MX key switches for a mechanical keyboard feel minus the traditional click-clacking that might be disruptive in some office environments. For the high price though, the Cherry MX Silent …

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