Joe Porletto

Joe became a Maker at the age of ten after piecing together a Sinclair ZX80 that his grandfather had given him. The bug bit him hard and he’s been tinkering, building, deconstructing and generally creating gadgetry mayhem ever since. Joe lives in Seattle with Addy, his rescue pitty, and Chino, his blind kitty.

Cherry MX Silent Keyboard Review

Cherry, a German company known mainly for its high-end mechanical keyboard switches, also sells a line of keyboards. The Cherry MX Board Silent is the first to feature Cherry’s noise-optimized silent MX key switches for a mechanical keyboard feel minus the traditional click-clacking that might be disruptive in some office environments. For the high price though, the Cherry MX Silent …

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Conbrov T11 Mini Spy Camera Review

The Conbrov T11 Mini Spy Camera is a great, compact video recording device that has a number of possible uses. The Conbrov’s long battery life, adjustable camera head, and small form factor offset some minor control issues and make it a bargain solution for a range of needs.

Nomad Tile Integrated PowerPack Review

The Nomad Advanced Powerpack is a well-built, powerful, ruggedized external battery pack that is unique in that it has built-in Tile integration. Not only will it quickly charge your various devices, if it’s ever misplaced you’ll be able to find it easily using Bluetooth and the Tile app. The added features will cost you though.

Get one free Android app from Google every week!

Google recently quietly rolled out a new section on Google Play. It’s called Free App of the Week and it is wonderful! Both Apple and Amazon have had similar programs for years now, highlighting a particular paid app and providing it for free for a limited time. Google has finally caught up and created a program for …

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FlexiSpot M4B Corner Standing Desk review

Standing desks have been gaining in popularity for years since various studies were released warning of the dangers of prolonged sitting. There are now tons of standing desk options to fit every type of home or office environment. The FlexiSpot M4B Corner Standing Desk is a great, affordable choice for people who have an existing …

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Samsung releases high-end Chromebooks

Hoping to stand out from the pack of Chromebook manufacturers, Samsung released information on two new advanced versions of the usually spartan Android-powered laptops. Called the Chromebook Plus and the Chromebook Pro, both merge popular features most often found in tablets, like touchscreens, styluses, and an app store.