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In 2004, Newsweek printed that, “According to a study conducted by a Boston marketing firm, the average American burns 55 minutes a day–roughly 12 weeks a year–looking for things they know they own but can’t find.”  It makes sense that in the last 12 years this number may have changed, given that the average American is more likely… Read More

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My employer recently offered standing desks to employees. I was a bit skeptical about the supposed health benefits of this trend and after some research I discovered that there was little concrete evidence that a sitting-standing desk provides substantial health benefits. Soon after, The Gadgeteer made an under-the-desk elliptical by Cubii available for review.  I thought it would be… Read More

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The news announcement came with little recognition, but in July 2016, Funai Electric produced the last video cassette recorder (VCR) as the only remaining manufacturer of this technology. Although VHS cassettes will continue to be manufactured, this effectively signaled the official death of the format. Most people won’t be impacted by these announcements since VHS doesn’t factor… Read More

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One of the things I find most intriguing about gadgets is the prevalence of convergence. A great example of a convergent device is a Swiss Army knife. The Sena Smart Helmet may be the world’s first Swiss Army Cycling Helmet. It includes an integrated QHD camera and communication system. The camera allows the recording of up to 2 hours of QHD quality (1440p)… Read More

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Not so long ago a group of friends and I were discussing how a vacation property we were staying at didn’t have an wine aerator. One friend took a jab at another and jokingly said, “that wouldn’t help the cheap hooch you drink anyway!” We all laughed and went on to talk of other things, but… Read More

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Back in April 2016, I reviewed the PhotoFast CR-8800 MicroSD card reader for the Apple Lightning connector. The software was a little buggy at the time but they have made a couple of revisions and now it is a very useful tool. Gigastone, the distributor of PhotoFast in the US and Canada, has recently announced the… Read More

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If you’ve ever tried to shoot iPhone videos at night then you’ve surely run into problems. The iPhone has a great camera, but it has a teeny tiny aperture which makes night shots problematic. You can overcome this limitation by shooting at a wide angle; iPhone also tries to compensate by adding gain, but mostly you end up… Read More

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Polar is renowned for their heart rate monitoring equipment and they have recently announced their newest model, the M600. Notwithstanding the Piper M600 aircraft, the Noble M600 supercar, or the DJI M600 drone, it’s still one of the coolest M600’s out there. The idea is that this watch is the perfect combination of a smartwatch… Read More

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The DOBBY is a new compact drone optimized for low-level photography that has some impressive features. When not in use it folds up to the length and width of an iPhone (5.3in x 2.5in x  1.33). When ready for flight, it unfolds and flies automatically. The drone is controlled by an iPhone or Android app that… Read More

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GoPro cameras have literally changed the way we experience recorded video: The ultra-wide field of view of these cameras has accustomed the viewer to the expanded perspective these wide-angle lenses record. Now we are on the cusp of a new revolution in video – 360° immersive virtual reality – and Insta360’s Nano camera offers a convenient, innovative… Read More

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If you have been following any of the Tour de France as it rounds its way through Europe, you have seen a segment or two captured by a handlebar, helmet or seat mounted GoPro. These shots often capture the essence of the race: clearly depicting the speed, endurance, congestion and competitive nature of the event. But not… Read More

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The notion of only having small earbuds in each ear, without cords of any kind, should make many activities where cord management and cord noise are problematic, such as running or exercising, more enjoyable and immersive.  There are a few players in this relatively new field of gadget, notably: Bragi, Earin, Motorola, and BÖHM. Skybuds, manufactured by Alpha Audiotronics, Inc… Read More

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Dash cameras have historically been more prevalent in many other countries than in the US.  (remember the endless dash-cam footage of the Chelyabinsk meteor in 2013?) Recently, dash-cams are becoming more popular in the States, either to have as an archive in case of an accident or to record a drive you rather not have your insurance company know about… Read More

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It seems that most gadgets, in general, are available at different price tiers. Speakers, quad-copters, cameras, pens, and tablets are all available from tens to thousands of dollars. The more costly versions of each will have better quality, provide more features, and perhaps provide the brand recognition that the consumer desires.  The characteristic quality, features and… Read More

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Recent results from the National Analysis Center, an independent test lab, demonstrated the superior capabilities of zNitro’s Nitro Glass tempered glass screen protectors. The screen protector competed against a Zagg Invisible Shield Glass and a Tzumi 3587 Screen Protector. Each was subjected to endurance tests, including 10 drops of a steel ball from a distance of one meter. Nitro Glass was… Read More

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