LULULOOK foldable laptop stand review

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REVIEW – Working on a laptop and looking down at the monitor creates neck flexion, which can lead to pain and discomfort. The LULULOOK foldable laptop stand allows you to position the held screen in an ergonomically correct position, provides passive cooling, and can spin your anxiety away. Read on to see what I think!

What is it?

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The LULULOOK foldable laptop stand is similar to the Benks Infinity Max laptop stand that was reviewed shortly before this publication. The stand features a rubber-footed base that rotates below an aluminum foot. The foot is connected to a computer/tablet stand by a pivoting armature. The computer/tablet stand has holes in its center to permit passive ventilation and the top surface is covered in soft silicone to provide a grippy surface and also to protect items placed on it. The bottom of the stand has a retractable lip to keep items held at a steep angle from sliding off. 

What’s in the box?

  • LULULOOK foldable laptop stand 

Hardware specs

  • Item Weight: 1.45KG
  • Plate dimensions: 26.8 x 22.8cm
  • Materials: Aluminum and Silicon

Design and features


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The LULULOOK foldable laptop stand comes in a white full-color printed brown cardboard box with a foldable top and tab locks.  The top has a picture of the stand. The sides and back describe some of the features. 

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Inside the product is held securely in place by Styrofoam packing.

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The LULULOOK foldable laptop stand base is a rotating circular section of aluminum completely coated with silicon that is about 7-1/2″ across.

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There is a center section that is stationary about 1-1/2″ across. There is a spring dog that is part of the base to keep the base from rotating uncontrollably. To me, the sound of the spring brings back memories of childhood toys that made similar sounds.  I find listening to this sound again quite soothing and calming. I find it unlikely that the makers of the LULULOOK foldable laptop stand could have imagined this effect but I’m happy that they chose this hardware to keep the base in a fixed position. They could have used a set screw and a set of washers to make a rotating base but this is a much higher quality design. The silicone covering on the base is so smooth that it has a sort of suction effect on smooth surfaces. There isn’t anything that is creating a vacuum but when the base is clean and on a smooth surface there is plenty of grip to keep it from moving. The top of the base has the words LULULOOK chemically etched onto the top of the base.

The pivots on the armature are capped in machined aluminum plugs. There doesn’t seem to be any way that the tension in the joints can be adjusted up or down. Right now they are very tight. In fact, the stand can hold a 25-pound dumbbell without moving.

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However, if this item is routinely opened and closed, I can imagine that the pivots may lose resistance over time. The bottom pivot moves a full 180 degrees from fully closed against the base to fully open in the direction opposite the base.  The top pivot moves from fully closed against the stand to 159 degrees open. The range of motion of the top pivot is limited by the bearing and spring inside of the stand base that holds the retractable lip in place. Based on these ranges there is virtually no position that the stand cannot accommodate,  you have the freedom to set the Lululook and the device it is holding any way you want.

The stand has 45 holes drilled out in the center 4-24″ x 9″ part of the stand. Each hole is about 11/16″ in diameter.

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The stand is about 9″ x 10-1/2″ and is entirely covered in silicone. The silicone is cut short from the edge of each hole and from the edge of the stand so that the silicone does not have an edge to start pulling back from the adhesive.

The bottom of the stand has an aluminum lip that retracts behind the stand but can be pushed out to the front of the stand so that about 1/2″ is protruding from the base.

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The inside of the lip is also coated with silicon but this is inset into the lip so there are edges of the lip that could touch whatever is on the stand.

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The sides of the lip are radiused to reduce the risk of damage. From looking at the inside there appear to be four depth settings for the stand but it doesn’t seem that the spring pushing the bearing into the lip has enough tension. I don’t think that the lip will fall on its own but the tension in the lip doesn’t seem to have the same precise setting as the base rotation or armature positioning.


The LULULOOK foldable laptop stand does not come with directions because its use is intuitive. I suppose the only consideration is setting the base as close to the center of the stand as possible so that the whole stand is as stable as possible.

What I like

  • high-quality materials
  • well-designed rotating base

What I’d change

  • adjustable tension in the armature
  • more definitive lip mechanics

Final thoughts

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I have been using the stand while writing this review using a laptop. I found that positioning the screen at eye level rather than at a position that requires me to look down is a much more comfortable working posture.  I suggest that if you are one of the millions who are working from home on a laptop you upgrade your work environment by investing in a stand. the LULULOOK foldable laptop stand is a great option.

Price:  $79.99
Where to buy: Amazon and Lululook
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Lululook.

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