Benks Infinity Max laptop stand review

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Benks Infinity Max 10

REVIEW – I have been working from home for almost three years now.  Starting next week, I must return to the office four days a week.  My home office setup has spoiled me.  One of the things I love about it is the ability to place the screen of my laptop even with my external monitors.   I plan on taking in the wooden and plastic Kensington stand I have to work.  That was going to leave me with nothing at home.  That was until I got the chance to review the Benks Infinity Max laptop stand.  Let’s see how well it suits my needs.

What is it?

The Benks Infinity Max laptop stand is a laptop/iPad stand that is capable of holding all iPads and laptops up to 16 inches.

What’s in the box?

The box had only one thing: the fully assembled Benks Infinity Max laptop stand.

Hardware specs

  • Folded Size – 268*228*48mm
  • Weight – 1400g
  • Color – Space Grey
  • Compatible Models – All iPads and laptops under 16 inches

Design and features

The Benks Infinity Max laptop stand came nicely packed and fully folded.  The picture below shows the stand in its completely folded position.  There are two grey rubber pads at the top and the bottom of the stand where the laptop sits.  That is nice, as the stand is made of aluminum, and I would not want the laptop or iPad to sit directly on it.  There are also holes in the stand to help with ventilation.

Benks Infinity Max 1

The bottom of the stand contains a rubber pad with a slight ‘suction disk’ built in.  That whole disk can rotate 360 degrees, allowing the stand to swivel in a full circle.  Placing the base on a desktop allowed the ‘suction cup’ to grip the desk and hold the stand firmly in place.  It is not a strong suction.  I could tilt the stand to the side and move it easily.  I could easily swivel the stand in place with the laptop on it.

Benks Infinity Max 2

Here is a picture of the stand fully elevated.  The length of the bar is right at 6 and 1/2 inches.  Depending on how big your laptop is, you could never extend the stand to its full upright height without making it tip over due to the weight of the laptop.

Benks Infinity Max 3

At the bottom of the pad where you place your laptop or iPad, there is a push-out holder.  I did need to push this out to have my laptop feel more secure on the stand.  It depends on how flat you will keep the pad.

Benks Infinity Max 4

Benks Infinity Max 5

Here is a picture of the back of the Benks Infinity Max laptop stand. It is all aluminum.   I think it has a very clean look.

Benks Infinity Max 6

Next, I have some pictures of the Benks Infinity Max laptop stand with my 16 inch Macbook Pro on it.  I have it swiveled to the left and the right.  It holds this laptop just fine about that height.  However, due to the size of the laptop, if I raised the stand much more than that, it became too top-heavy and wanted to tip over.

Benks Infinity Max 7

Benks Infinity Max 8

Here is a final shot showing the laptop facing me.  It put it at a good height for typing for me.

Benks Infinity Max 9

I put my 13-inch work laptop on the Benks Infinity Max laptop stand and raised it much higher.

Benks Infinity Max 10


I placed the Benks Infinity Max laptop stand on my desk and positioned it at the level I wanted compared to the rest of my monitors.   I think it does a great job of supporting the monitor and letting it stay cooler.  The old wooden tabletop stand I used does not have any ventilation holes.   What this stand won’t let you do is store anything directly under it like my old tabletop stand due to its design.   The support arm is small, though; I could still put things under it if I wished.

Because the stand can swivel, I placed it where I wanted it, then put the laptop on and easily adjusted the height and position.

Benks Infinity Max 11

What I like

  • Made of aluminum
  • Modern and sleek design.
  • It can swivel 360 degrees.

What I’d change

  • It is kind of pricey at $99

Final thoughts

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, sleek, and modern laptop stand, the Benks Infinity Max laptop stand is a good one to get.  No instruction book was needed, and it works as designed.  I love how you can swivel the laptop as needed without moving the stand.

Price: $99.99 – pre-order
Where to buy: Benks (use the code: Cheers to save 15%)
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Benks.

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  2. Just a side bar. I bought an earlier model, which Julie had reviewed. It arrived quite defective. Must report that it was very difficult to deal with this company.

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