This new ESR MagSafe wallet has superpowers that you’ll want!

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CROWDFUNDING NEWS – The HaloLock Geo Wallet Stand from ESR is the first MagSafe wallet that has a built-in Apple-certified Bluetooth Find My module. This wallet is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and has some extra features not found on Apple’s own MagSafe wallets.

As mentioned, the HaloLock Geo Wallet Stand has a built-in tracker that works with Apple’s Find My app. But unlike Apple’s own MagSafe wallets, this one does not have to be attached to the iPhone in order to track its location.

Its magnets are also twice as strong as the magnets used in the Apple MagSafe wallet so you won’t have to worry about it sliding off or detaching.

Other features of the HaloLock Geo Wallet Stand include a capacity to hold 1-3 cards, a finger loop grip, and an adjustable stand to make it easier to view content while on the go.

The ESR HaloLock Geo Wallet Stand is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Their campaign launched today with a funding goal of $6,373 and once the campaign ends successfully, they plan to ship rewards in May of this year (2023). You can get your own ESR HaloLock Geo Wallet Stand for just $27 during the super early bird sales. Head over to Kickstarter for all the details.

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