Stop opportunistic thieves with the Master Lock Personal Safe

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NEWS – Do you ever place your phone, keys, or wallet on the table in the coffee shop or library?  Do you ever get distracted while reading or people watching?  If you do both simultaneously, you could find someone has snatched your personal items before you even notice.  With the Master Lock Personal Safe, you can secure your items to the table so they can’t be palmed quickly as someone walks by.

The Personal Safe is water-resistant, and the interior is lined in shock-absorbing foam, The case has an earbud or charging cable access port so you can listen to music or a charge device while it’s stored in the safe.  It’s locked closed with a 4-digit code you set yourself; it can be reset as often as you like.  The exterior measures 2.25″ x 9.5″ x 4.75″; the interior is 1.25″ x 8.13″ x 3.5″.  The included 19.7″ security cable stores around the safe until needed; you just wrap it around a table leg or the like to tether it in place.  

In addition to phones and wallets, the Personal Safe is big enough to hold a passport or even some medication bottles.  The safe is available in white, blue, gunmetal gray, or pink.  Prices start at $18.38 at Amazon.

8 thoughts on “Stop opportunistic thieves with the Master Lock Personal Safe”

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  2. While this could be useful for certain people, the photograph showing its use is laughable. This device could deter an opportunistic thief if the cable is attached to something immovable. In the photograph, though, it appears that all the thief would have to do is pick up the safe and drop it down to floor level and then slip the cable under the leg. Then the entire safe is gone, and its size would allow it to be easily slipped into a backpack. Merely by having a locking container indicates that it contains something of value. Looping the cable through the looped arm of a chair or to the leg of a table bolted to the floor would be more effective.

    1. Obviously anything can be stolen and if you walk off and leave it locked to the table, it will be stolen. However, if you are sitting and working or talking to someone, the thief is not going to pick up the table in from of you, bend down to take the safe and walk off with it. It will prevent someone from walking by and grabbing your stuff off the table which is all that it is designed for.

      1. Well, if a person is somewhere where anything of value must be locked up and tethered while the person is sitting there…maybe they are in the wrong place.

  3. This is a laughable review of a known cheap brand that makes products that are well made except for their security. Most if not all master locks can be picked by a novice who spent 5 minutes looking up how to. Next time do more research and review a quality brand.

  4. This would be useful in the same way laptop locking cables are – as indicated for >opportunistic< thieves, not someone determined to steal you state secrets with bolt cutters or a torch.

    Going to the head at Starbucks, for example, where there are likely people in full view and you would only be gone a few minutes, or similar in a college lecture hall, or even at home where you might have family or roommates with personal boundary issues.

    Same goes as an additional measure of CYA in a backback so that a "slitter thief" can't make off with your wallet easily.

  5. Yeah, I agree. This won’t prevent determined thieves with time and opportunity from getting into your stuff. But it is great for “keeping honest people honest.” It’s not your AirPod case on a 20000 mAh charger sitting out for all to see, but rather those items in a solid case locked around the leg of the table that the owner has their iPad and coffee on. Dropping the safe to the floor and lifting the leg is gonna be kinda obvi.

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