You won’t need a fireman to get your cat out of this tree

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NEWS – Most cat “trees” I’ve seen look more like houses from The Jetsons than an actual tree.  They are usually just a series of carpet-covered shelves, den-like boxes, and shallow “bowls” attached to a center pole.  The On2Pets CatHaven Cat Condo Furniture shown here put the “tree” in the climbing tree, with a center pole covered in “tree bark” and a leafy canopy creating hiding spaces for your cat to relax and keep an eye on things.

This structure stands about 5 feet tall, with a 26″ diameter base for stability.  There are three shelves, 26, 22, and 18 inches in diameter; they can be adjusted and secured in different positions.  Each perch is edged with silk leaves, so your cat can hide behind the foliage, just like in a real tree.

The tree is made of pressed wood, carpet, and artificial leaves.  All materials are non-toxic and safe for your cat. The manufacturer says the tree can be assembled in 15 minutes, with no tools necessary.  The On2Pets CatHaven Cat Condo Furniture large, round-based tree is $170.19 with free shipping at Amazon.

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