Hate squishing bugs? Suck them up!

Let’s face it. Even if you aren’t actually afraid of bugs and spiders, you may still have a problem smearing them all over your walls. I personally don’t like to kill the poor little buggers, but they don’t belong in my house or smooshed all over the place. Having the Redo Rechargeable Bug Vacuum at your fingertips may be a fun way for kids (or squeamish adults) to stop running and screaming for help at the sight of a little intruder, and run for the bug vacuum! It is fully charged in 2 hours via USB cable so it should always be ready to go, and the LED flashlight equipped device will allow you to suck them up day or night.  You can pick one up on Amazon for $23.99 and banish the bugs with no mess, and no chemicals!

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