PAVARA sink tidy aims to keep your kitchen stylish by hiding soaps and sponges

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This seems to be a product in search of a problem, but the PAVARA sink tidy is also in search of funding at Kickstarter.  I’m just getting started on the process of updating my kitchen.  You know me, I’m always interested in new gadgets, and a gadget for my upgraded kitchen seemed intriguing.  This product is designed to hold your hand soap, dishwashing liquid, and dish sponge/cloth to keep them out of sight while keeping them at hand.  It’s made of steel with either a glossy black or white finish to complement or match your kitchen decor.  It has a push-button mechanism that turns the opening in the back to the front for you to reach the soaps; when you’re done, you replace the soaps and hand-turn the PAVARA’s opening to the back again.  This seems to be a way of spreading germs to me, because you’ll have to use your dirty hands to press to open the tidy and touch the soap containers as you lift them out for use.  I’d rather store my items under the sink until I’m ready to use them and save the minimum £50 (about $75 US) early-bird pledge for an upgrade to my new sink faucet, but to each his own.  If the PAVARA sink tidy is what you’ve been needing for your kitchen, you can still pledge until Saturday, May 30, 2015 at 12:58 AM EDT.

Update:  Sunita Gill, in addition to her comments below, sent a message to Julie regarding this write-up that she felt should be addressed.  She said:  “I have just read your post and there are a few inaccuracies which need to be addressed.
The opening of the PAVARA sink tidy is wide enough, so that you can access the hand soap without removing it from the unit.
The ‘germ issue’ you refer to when touching the button is the same as touching any hand wash to dispense the soap.
Also you have compared the PAVARA sink tidy to a sink faucet, of which it is not a tap.”

To address her first two concerns, I can see that I could reach my hand into the opening to pump out some soap, but I would have to use my germy hand to do so.  With the bottle sitting by the sink, I could press with my wrist, which hasn’t been handling raw chicken, to pump out the soap.  I cannot use my wrist to touch the button to turn the PAVARA’s opening to the front, and would have to use my germy finger to do so.  Granted, I could make sure I open the PAVARA before I start working in the kitchen, but I still don’t think I could use my clean wrist to pump the soap as it sat in the tidy.

And I never compared the PAVARA to a faucet.  I said I would rather use the cost of the tidy to add to my budget for purchasing my new faucet.


6 thoughts on “PAVARA sink tidy aims to keep your kitchen stylish by hiding soaps and sponges”

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  2. Why would you have a sink and make it difficult to access soap to wash hands? I actually have been in a house where dish and hand soap is in a cabinet under a sink. I just don’t get it.

    One gadget I find really useful in my kitchen is a no touch soap dispenser. Both of my hands can be dirty and I still will be able to wash them without handling the faucet (lever control with my forearm) and the soap pump.

  3. This is definitely one where I see at least a half-dozen different better ways to solve the problem at hand. (Including buying nice-looking soap dispensers – I’ve seen high-end ones that look as good as that for half the price.)

  4. I wanted to clarify that you don’t need to remove the hand wash from the sink tidy to use it. The opening has been made wide enough to access the hand wash bottle. With regards to ‘spreading germs’ by pressing the button, this is the same as pressing any hand wash bottle. The PAVARA sink tidy has been created to not only hold and hide the washing utensils (and sponges as it has a drainage system) but also to match the aesthetics of a minimalist kitchen.
    Just to further clarify any misunderstanding, the PAVARA sink tidy is not a replacement for a sink faucet.

    1. Now that I really thought about it, I can see how some people may want it as it holds a sponge, a soap dispenser, and perhaps a brush. The key is a drain tray for the sponge.

      It wouldn’t work for me because I like simplicity. The idea of having to push a button to access the sponge or soap dispenser, and then turn the unit around when done is too much for me.

      But not everyone is like me. For example there are people who have piles of decorative pillows on their couch or bed that you have to remove before you can use the furniture. If they can put up with that, they probably don’t mind the extra steps for this thing.

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