Allure Energy knows when you’re heading home and starts warming the house


When I upgraded my old fashioned “dumb” thermostat to a programmable / smartphone controllable thermostat a few years ago, it was a huge leap in convenience because I was able to program it to automatically turn the furnace down while I was at work during the day. It would then automatically turn the heat up at the same time every afternoon when I was heading home. The only problem is that the scheduling feature was very static. If I happened to stay home from work, the house would stay cold until I manually turned up the heat. The EverSense thermostat from Allure Energy is another huge leap over the simple programmable thermostat. The EverSense realizes that your schedule may be different today than it was yesterday. It uses a Patented Proximity Control Technology with the physical location from your smartphone to let the thermostat know when you’re getting close to home so that it will start warming or cooling the house for you. EverSense is compatible with iOS or Android smartphones and has other features such as a weather display, the ability to play your favorite music when you arrive home, energy saving tips and NFC syncpads which are sold separately. the EverSense thermostat is priced at $299.00 and is available through Home Depot or Allure Energy.

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