Set phasers to stun… er, volume control!

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This is the universal remote control for the dedicated Star Trek fan.  This Star Trek Original Phaser Universal Remote Control is an exacting replica of a Star Trek phaser.  It was 3D scanned from the last remaining prop phaser in existence, and it has a detachable MK I phaser unit (seen on the top).  The phaser is made of hand-polished, die-cast metal parts.  It plays a variety of phaser and other Star Trek sounds, it has a removable side door that exposes an illuminated dilithium crystal power cell, and it vibrates and illuminates when “fired.”  But it’s not just nice to look at.  It’s also a fully programmable, gesture-based remote control that works with TVs, DVD players, audio systems, and even iPod docks.  It has a built-in lithium-ion battery, a USB cable for recharging, and a display stand so you’ll never have to embark on a five year mission to find the remote control again.  It’s available from Firebox in the UK, but they will ship to the US.  It will ship in November, 2014, but you can either sign up to be notified of availability, or you can pre-order a Star Trek Original Phaser Universal Remote Control from Firebox for about $205 US.


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