Walhub is an easy way to add storage to your light switch


When you live in a small house or apartment, storage space is a valuable commodity that has to be managed well, or your house might end up looking like an episode of Hoarders. That’s why I love the concept of the Walhub. It is a replacement faceplate for single and double gang wall switches that adds hooks and a storage slot to a location that would otherwise go unused. Available in rocker or toggle switch styles, the Walhub features an easy to install design that will allow you to orient the hooks on either the left or right side of your switches. Prices range from $13.95 to $18.95 depending on the style.

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  • Michael Maloney February 26, 2014, 12:07 am

    This is a great storage idea, which I have seen from a mate’s house. He saw it being demonstrated and sold on TV and did not hesitate to buy it. Since then, he installed this mini storage in all light switches in his home, especially in the kitchen.

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