Rambo wishes he could sport the Trigger case Tactical Edition for the iPhone 5

4thdesign Trigger case Tactical Edition

As I have stated before in a previous post, I am a usability guy. I would rather have a vanilla looking product that works well, rather than some razzle dazzle, all looks, nonfunctional product any day. The Trigger case Tactical Edition from 4thdesign looks like it has the wow factor, as well as the functional protection for an iPhone 5. This bead blasted hard anodized aluminum bumper features:

  • Cutout on the top for access to the on/off button
  • Cutouts on the bottom for access to the 3.5mm headphone jack and charging port
  • Extended volume buttons
  • Vibration button
  • Accessory hole
  • No tool installation design
  • Polymer inside liner

The Trigger measures 2.99″ x 5.14″ x .47″ W x H x D and weighs 1.55 ounces.

What really caught my eye with this bumper case was the left side bump out for the volume and vibration controls. The bump out is actually an arm the swings open to allow the iPhone to be placed into the bumper. The case just looks tough, like it is ready to go into combat. At $109 the Trigger case Tactical Edition may seem a little pricey, but you are sure to stand out in a crowd or on the battlefield sporting one.

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