PalmPoint Dual Action Stylus Review

Product Requirements:
Specifically made to fit in the silo of the Palm III, V/500, And
VII series; however, will work with any touch-screen PDA

I don’t know how many times I have reviewed a seemingly excellent PDA case
for The Gadgeteer; only to find that when I tried to insert a full-size
pen/stylus combination in the case’s pen loops, that the case would suddenly be
too short to accept the writing instrument. This can be a royal bummer,
especially when you really happen to like the case…

For those times when you need a shorter combo, there is something you can
try: the PalmPoint Dual
Action Stylus


As the name implies, there are actually two points available with this
writing implement: a Black ballpoint pen, and a built-in stylus tip on the end
of the barrel. 


Because the stylus tip is always exposed, there is the chance that you might
eventually chip off a bit of the writing tip – depending on where you store this
combo – and how rough you are on it. That makes me a little nervous, so may I
recommend that you use a good screen protector? 

The PalmPoint comes in a textured gray metal, with black plastic accents and
stylus tip. A
very small Palm logo is at the top of the pen, near the clip. What helps to set this combo apart from others is the fact that the black
plastic pocket clip is designed to fit into the silo of the Palm III, V/500, and
VII series. 

On the V/500 series, it will actually fit to the side of the Palm. As you can
see, while the PalmPoint is not the same color as the Palm m500, it certainly
doesn’t detract from it, either.

On the III and VII series, it will fit more-or-less flush against the back of the
Palm. You will have to either carry your Palm naked,
using the flip cover for screen protection, or you will have to use a book-style


With the Palm V/m500 series, the PalmPoint will not be compatible with most
play-through cases, such as the Orbino.
However, it works very well if you use the leather-flap case that comes standard with the Palm
V/m500 or any book style case that zippers shut.

For every other PDA out there, it should fit just fine in the pen-loop included inside most
book style cases – no matter how short they may be. This will be especially good
news for Jornada users, as they almost have to remove the flip-cover that
holds their stylus to use any other case.

The pen ink of the PalmPoint is a little bit too fine for my taste, but it
did write smoothly enough. I tested the stylus tip, writing with and without
protection, and it wrote well both ways. Since the pen is a little bit shorter
than most, you may notice some hand cramping after a longer period of writing.

One last special feature to this combo: there is a reset pin hidden in the
pull-off top portion of the barrel. 

For reference, I tried it on all of the units I have at my disposal that need
this type of reset pin, and this is what I found: the pin is long enough to work
on the IIIc and the m505, but not the m100 or the Handspring Visor Deluxe.

I like the looks of this little pen, and you will probably be seeing it
pictured in upcoming reviews of shorter cases. :0)

The PalmPoint Dual Action Stylus is available at Stylus
, and other fine retailers.

Price: $39.99

Can fit in shorter PDA Cases
Made to fit in the silo of most Palms
Pen is sharp looking, and has a nice weight
Has a reset pin that works on III, VII, and V/m500 series Palms

Stylus tip is always exposed
Will not work with many of the play-through cases designed for the specific
Palms it will fit

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