I will admit it, I am not the knife aficionado I was once. I used to love knives, all sort of knives and while I still do have the odd or unusual knife around, I have mainly limited myself to the utilitarian variety of knife (Swiss Army type, Leatherman) but I do own a Cardsharp… Read More

I have been riding motorcycles for nearly three decades and during that time I have owned several Ducatis that were fast, fun, and very nice/zippy looking. And while this iPhone 5/5S case is not really fast or as fun as a 998, it is very nice looking without a doubt. The folks at DRACOdesigns have… Read More

Having become a recent convert to the iPhone 5, I am always looking for ways to accentuate and protect my investment. I have gone the extreme route with full waterproof and shockproof covers, but I have come to realize that I may not need that much protection. So, after reviewing another aluminum iPhone 5 bumper… Read More

As I have stated before in a previous post, I am a usability guy. I would rather have a vanilla looking product that works well, rather than some razzle dazzle, all looks, nonfunctional product any day. The Trigger case Tactical Edition from 4thdesign looks like it has the wow factor, as well as the functional… Read More

Hiking, fishing, white water rafting, geocaching – these are all things I do not do on a regular basis. I do travel a bit though, and when I do I am always looking for neat, multi-purpose, rugged, functional products to take with me on my adventures. The Ti2 Sentinel X Aluminum Cache, a Kickstarter project… Read More

Anyone watch the NBC television nerd series “Chuck“?  It’s all about this average computer whiz guy nerd who works at a Best Buy-like store.  He’s harmless, nerdy, a little on the wussy side.  One day Chuck receives an encoded email from an old college buddy who is now with the CIA.  The email  embeds the… Read More