Cold War Nostalgia with USB Doomsday Device Hub

Remember War Games, Dr. Strangelove, fallout shelters and mutually assured destruction?  Ah, good times, good times.  ThinkGeek‘s USB Doomsday Device Hub is a campishly nostalgic take on the gloom and doom of the Cold War era.  It has no less triple redundancy with three arming switches, two toggle switches and a key switch with an actual set of keys.  Finally, flip open the plastic shield and press the BIG RED BUTTON to sock it to the Russkies or whoever else might be invading your airspace.  Oh yeah, it’s also a 4-port USB hub.  $49.99.

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  • Wolfman2200 April 9, 2010, 12:07 pm

    This piece of cr@p has been around since the invention of USB. Heh… hardly a new product on the market.

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