Mighty Wallet May Actually BE Thinnest Ever

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Even before the legendary “Costanza wallet” became the subject of a Seinfeld episode, there are those of us who have been searching for the seemingly unobtainable “thinnest wallet ever.”  The Mighty Wallet from Dynomighty Design might actually be it.  Made from Tyvek (think express mail envelopes) consisting of thousands of plastic fibers, its shape comes from an origami-style folded construction, making the Mighty Wallet tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable and recyclable.  Multiple pockets to store your stash and available in 28 different graphics for $15.00 each.

12 thoughts on “Mighty Wallet May Actually BE Thinnest Ever”

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  2. These are interesting, but those outward facing pockets on the ends made me nervous. I found a local store that carried them and I tried putting some cards in them and I didn’t find that the cards slid out casually, but a good shake did dislodge the cards. In practice its probably OK, but I still didn’t buy one.

  3. @Sam – I haven’t tried a Mighty Wallet myself (or I’d have done a proper review), but those outward facing pockets are the main thing that concern me as well. I’m not sure I’d ever be completely comfortable with them. If Dynomighty Design could find a way to make them close-able, that might convince me.

    1. Paperwallet.com have worked out a way to solve that with their “Flat Wallet” design… Regular upward facing pockets for your cards and still a super thin fit.

  4. A few more points:

    Most wallets are open on the top and a sufficiently violent shake can dislodge stuff too, but requires more of a shake. You don’t have to use those outside pockets.

    These wallets are made from much stiffer Tyvek stock than Tyvek envelopes are (typically) made from. They’re not floppy, but they do bend readily.

  5. I recently purchased both an All-Ett (Sports wallet) and Mighty Wallet since both looked interesting and were reasonably priced.

    First the All-Ett: a dozen unfolded bills, a couple receipts, 7-8 credit cards, and a few photos fit loosely. Put in 20 bills and 10 credit cards and it starts to get a little tight (more due to the cards than the bills).

    I’d already eliminated all my store discount cards with the CardStar iPhone app, but the limitations of the All-Ett inspired me to streamline things a bit more: I put my AAA card in my car’s glove compartment, my work credit cards in my desk, cut up my AMEX, and even replaced my medical insurance card with a thinner, laminated photocopy.

    On to the Mighty Wallet: I like that there’s no stitching. It’s a bit wider and taller than the All-Ett, but not by that much and is expandable and can hold much more (though there are larger All-Ett models for those that need additional capacity). The outer pockets are a little odd and I’d be nervous putting anything valuable in them.

    Overall, both are nifty but I prefer the All-Ett’s appearance, simpler design, and slightly smaller footprint to the Mighty Wallet’s colorful graphics, expandability, and extra pockets.

  6. I have the all-ett, and find it much better than I expected. I wasn’t too sure if I’ll like a crinkly papery feel of the wallet, and after a couple of weeks, it seems to have “mellowed” and is less crinkly. so I’m cool with it now.

    Besides being thin, its also shorter in length then your regular wallet. One nice touch, probably unintentional, is that above each main pocket is a tiny pocket about half an inch wide. A small 3″ pen or spare key fits perfectly in there.

  7. I have a Stop Shopping Mighty Wallet and I use the outer pockets all time for my metrocard (when the weather does not allow me to ride my bike) and also for business cards. I have never had a problem with anything falling out from the outer pockets. I have never tried the all-ett but the stitching to me is something that i feel will give quickly. I also like the fact that Dynomighty will recycle your old wallet when you replace it.

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