I just upgraded my iMac to Leopard

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The FedEx guy brought my Leopard Family Pack around 1pm today. I started the upgrade at 3:30pm and was playing with its features by 4:30pm or so. The upgrade was painless. It was almost completely automatic. The only user input that it asked for was the language, which hard drive to install to and after the install, it asked about my .Mac account.

I haven’t had a lot of time to dig into all the new features, but so far I really am liking what I see. What those of you that have also done the upgrade think? Love it? Hate it? What are your favorite features? I’ll report back here with mine as soon as I collect them :o)

6 thoughts on “I just upgraded my iMac to Leopard”

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  2. I ordered the UpToDate package so I should have my disc early next week (the 30th or so), but I stood in line tonight at the Apple Store and got a Leopard T-Shirt. I played around with Leopard tonight on the iMacs they had pre-loaded with it and it was pretty awesome. I can’t wait to upgrade my MacBook Pro! Did you have to do anything special to upgrade your BootCamp partition?

  3. So far so good. I’ve upgraded my old PowerBook G4 (1GHz with 1.5GB memory) fairly snappy after I let SpotLight indexing finish. Great features I like so far is Spaces, Help on the menus features built-in Search, Look and feel of Mail. Upgrading an old Mac mini 1.42GHz now. Side note: when the install is finishing up – you’ll see “Less than a minute” – this has got to be the worlds longest minute – more like 5 minutes or so. 🙂

  4. So far I’m only having an issue with Mail. It continues to tell me that I’m offline. When I click the little ! in the triangle, it says that the status for the IMAP server failed. It seems to still send and receive mail though. I had the same issue with Tiger, but if I clicked the ! and told it to go online, it would for awhile. Very annoying.

    I also keep getting a can’t connect to network server popup error, but can’t figure out which app is causing it.

    Other than that, I’m liking it so far :o)

    I like that you now get little thumbnail images of PDF files and Video files and that you can just right click in the finder and select quicklook to watch the video without launching quicktime.

    I didn’t use Bootcamp, so I’m not sure how it handles the partition. We’ll see what happens when I upgrade my Macbook Pro which has Parallels on it. I’ll also be curious to see if the Macbook has the same mail issue that my iMac has.

  5. I took my two daughters to the Apple Store in Alderwood Mall, Lynnwood, WA last night. The line was not that bad after 6PM. See it for yourself:
    In the picture is Lynn, my older daughter. I got a black T-shirt and it seems to be of a little higher quality than the other free T-shirts that I have encounter. I purchased a family license in the store, but have not time to install yet.

  6. I just upgraded my Intel Mac Mini and My Macbook.. both appear to be running smoothly. I love Time Machine. I have attempted to make backups in the past, but this is super easy. Since it does it every hour, I have much more peace of mind that I haven’t deleted an important document in the morning, that I’ll need at night. My previous backups were daily and weekly, which still allowed for mistakes.

    I also like the cover flow for viewing documents and files in folders.. Trying to remember what I named a document last month or last year isn’t an issue anymore!!

    So far, I LIKE it!

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