Judie’s Gear Diary – 2003-05-23

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I have always thought that Tarot cards were fun and interesting, but when I took the time to actually shuffle, select and lay out the cards, I would have to rely on “cheat sheets” to figure out the proper placements and meanings of the cards. Let's face it, between all of the symbolism, suits, upside down cards, and where the cards happen to be placed – it can get confusing.
Imagine my pleasure when I found Best Tarot Pro, a Palm program that takes all the work out of a reading, and leaves you with the fun part: the cards laid out in their proper places and their meanings explained in an easy to understand manner. Coolness! This program uses the popular and comprehensive Celtic Cross layout, which just so happens to be my favorite.
I really like it when programmers come out with applications that make my PDA even more valuable to me! :0)

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