The Everywhere Stylus Review

Product Requirements:
Any touch-screen PDA

It is not often that I come across such a useful product that happens to be
so obscenely inexpensive, uncomplicated, and just plain fun!  The Everywhere
, which is available from Stylus
completely fits that bill.

Why do they call this the Everywhere Stylus? Simple. You’ll want to keep one everywhere,
and should you lose it – at this price, it won’t much matter.

This stylus’ body is composed of plastic that is  molded to be fatter at
the grip, and more tapered at the top. It is quite comfortable to hold and write

The ribbed grip and its festive coloring make it look like a swizzle stick
that you would get with one of those flaming oriental drinks at a cocktail
lounge somewhere. 

The Everywhere Stylus is 5" (12.7cm) long, and features a dark gray,
rounded stylus tip. The tip appears to be made of some sort of smooth nylon,
with no seams or other disfigurements that might mar your PDA’s screen. The
stylus performed equally well on screens with and without protection.

While this stylus will not fit in any PDA’s silo, it will easily slip in your
pocket, pen cup, or wherever else you might like to stash an extra stylus.

For the money, this is an excellent product, and since Stylus central uses
the phrase, "while they last", I take it that there may be a certain
number of these left, and then they will be gone forever. That’s a shame…

Price: $0.49 while they last!
Available in Assorted Colors – Stylus Central will choose

Quality Tip

Does "while they last" mean that Stylus Central will never
get any more?

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