I received an email from Verizon this morning that said I could double my existing data allowance from 3GB to 6GB for FREE just by calling a phone number. I just got off the phone with them and now I have 6GB of data and it didn't cost me a cent. Seems a little too [...]

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Today Verizon Wireless announced that November 26, 2014 will be designated as their first "Connection Day". From 11/26 - 12/24 Verizon will be giving away a selection of tech goodies which includes free Wi-Fi, digital magazines, audio books, music and more. The best part is that the bulk of these gifts are not just for Verizon [...]

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If you have a Verizon LTE enabled tablet but find that you use WiFi more than the LTE option, you can save yourself some money and use Verizon's new pre-paid $5/day plan. Five dollars provides 24 hours of LTE data access with 300 megabytes of data. If you run out of data before the 24hrs [...]

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It's that time of year again when gadgeteers like us start checking our wallets and bank accounts to see how much extra money we have available for a potential new phone purchase. There are quite a few new phones coming to Verizon and they have been kind enough to send me some demo units of [...]

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Bryan did a great job discussing the details of Verizon's new Share Everything Plan that was rolled out at the end of last month. He also dove into the fact that Verizon is doing their best to kill off Unlimited Data Plans with their most recent service. He also looked at how this new plan [...]

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Chances are you knew this was coming. Verizon officially announced yesterday their new Share Everything plan.  It is a simplified plan that gives you unlimited minutes, and messages for up to 10 devices, as well as mobile hotspot with no extra fee. However, it also ends unlimited data as an option on new contracts and [...]

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I am sure that the majority of you reading this really don't care that my hometown of Columbus, Indiana (Seymour too) will be getting Verizon 4G LTE in a little over 2 weeks, but I am really excited about it. I'm actually surprised that we're getting it this soon. I figured it wouldn't be till sometime next year. I guess Verizon really is [...]

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Droid RAZR MAXX Announced


Verizon announced a new DROID RAZR that is available on January 26th. I have often commented that I wished manufacturers would stop with the thin obsession, and focus on battery life, and they finally listened to me. OK, so probably not to me, but still, I like this change. The RAZR MAXX is only 8.99 [...]

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It all started 7 years ago when I started my third  business, a computer retail and service store.  I was happy with my other two businesses which uses Verizon Business for our phone services.  So I decided to use them again for the computer store.  I ordered a few phone lines, fax / credit card [...]

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Verizon has officially announced the Droid 3. The key features of the new phone include: 5-row keyboard. (dedicated number row). 4-inch display Dual-Core 1 GHz processor Front-facing camera Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) It looks like a very strong upgrade. Yet another high-powered phone without LTE. This also seems very geared towards business. It is global ready, [...]

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It's all over the internets that tomorrow is the day that Verizon will finally announce that they will be offering the Apple iPhone 4 on their network. It seems like Verizon customers and disgruntled AT&T customers ready to jump ship have been waiting for this day to arrive ever since the original iPhone was unveiled [...]

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Verizon Wireless and LG Mobile Phones have announced the LG Vortex entry level smartphone which will be available starting November 18th. Available in Black and Violet, the Vortex is powered by the latest version of Android (2.2), with WiFi, 3G Mobile Hotspot capable, a built in 3.2MP camera, and a MicroSD slot. Not a bad [...]

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The new Motorola Droid Pro will be available in stores on November 18th, but you can go ahead and pre-order it tomorrow online and at select stores. The Droid Pro is a 3G world phone powered by Android 2.2. This phone 3.1 inch display, a 5 megapixel camera with auto focus and dual LED [...]

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If you've been waiting for the special edition Star Wars R2D2 Droid 2 smartphone from Verizon, you'll be happy to know that will be available on September 30th. Show off your geekiness by sporting a Droid 2 with cool R2D2 graphics on the back and exclusive Star Wars inspired content such as: Exclusive content comes [...]

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It's been 30 days since I terminated my contract with AT&T, ditched the iPhone 4, signed up with Verizon and purchased a Droid X. For the most part, the move has been a good one. Verizon's call quality and 3G coverage in my area are significantly better than AT&T. But has the transition been all [...]

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After a trip to my local Verizon Wireless store last night to check out the Droid 2, I have made up my mind which Android device will be replacing my iPhone 4. I spent some time on the phone with AT&T wireless and Verizon Wireless this morning. The first thing I did was call AT&T [...]

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Back Camera

I bet the title of this post surprises a lot of people that visit The Gadgeteer on a regular basis given the fact that I just posted a favorable review of the iPhone 4 a few days ago. It's true that I've been a relatively happy user of the iPhone since Apple released the first version back [...]

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I spent a lot of time experimenting with new ways to enter information in the Droid X. The voice recognition integrated into Android continues to improve, and the Droid X comes with Swype installed. I had not tried it before, but was encouraged by Craig to give it a shot when we were comparing the [...]

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We ask a lot more out of our smartphones anymore. It's not enough to make phone calls, access the web, and receive text messages. We want them to be our communications hub. Android has become very adept at this, and will get even better with Froyo (2.2), but how does the Droid X stack up [...]

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I don't buy my phone based on the camera, but there is a lot of truth to the adage that the best camera you have is the one that is with you. The cameras keep getting better and better with each generation of phone. The camera in the Droid X is an 8 megapixel camera [...]

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