Verizon announces the iPhone tomorrow. Will you buy one?

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It’s all over the internets that tomorrow is the day that Verizon will finally announce that they will be offering the Apple iPhone 4 on their network. It seems like Verizon customers and disgruntled AT&T customers ready to jump ship have been waiting for this day to arrive ever since the original iPhone was unveiled back in 2007.

As a former member of the disgrunted AT&T group, I count myself among the people that have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the iPhone on a a more reliable carrier. I actually dumped my iPhone and AT&T back in September and have been happily using a Motorola Droid X running Android. There in rests my problem… Even though I continue to miss a lot of things about the iPhone, I have been surprisingly happy with Android. So now, I’m not so sure I really want to jump back. At least right now.

Although I will most definitely get my hands on a Verizon iPhone to review, I will probably not buy one when they become available because I will have to pay full price due to the face that my 2yr contract started last September. I think the best move for me is to wait for the iPhone 5. But that’s me. What about all of you? Will you buy the Verizon iPhone right away? And are those of you currently with AT&T planning to leave?

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  2. When my AT&T contract is up in September I plan on returning to Verizon (assuming that there aren’t a ton of horror stories from the many people who will have switched earlier than I).

  3. Since 2005, I have been a satisfied AT&T customer. In Minnesota, their coverage is very good. Obviously, I am staying with AT&T.

    However, I hope many do leave and go to Verizon. It will just mean less users on the network, although it hasn’t really been a problem.

  4. My contract with AT&T isn’t up until June, so by that time, the new iPhone should be out, and hopefully I’ll have a choice for one between VZW and AT&T. That said, I’ve been pretty happy with AT&T so I’ll see who has the better deal.

  5. I agree with Andy. Verizon already has 9 handsets running on Android, which is technologically superior in every aspect of the game. Why the F would I even bother with the antiquated tech of the iPhone 4?

  6. AT&T around Baltimore has been fine, and I’m less than 6 months into my 2-year contract so it’s not worth considering. Kind of hoping it helps to have competition come renewal time though!

    I’m very curious to see what kind of hit Verizon’s network takes with a massive influx of new iPhone owners though.

  7. Would I buy a smartphone that doesn’t allow me to surf the web while talking on the phone? Nope. I’m sticking with the beast.

  8. Besides the fact I’m happy with AT&T’s service, I’m not too fond of the fact that I couldn’t travel with a CDMA phone. Right now, I can unlock mine and slip in a SIM from Germany.
    If the rumors are true, I wish the Verizon switchers the best.

  9. I’ll be jumping ship from at&t, although not right away. I’m going to wait and see what Apple announces in six months…

  10. My daughter and I have been waiting for 9 months for this announcement to get our first smart phones. Our verizon contracts were up christmas day, so we will be in line day one. Other daughter just got a blackberry, doesn’t want the touch screen. Wife is hoping her work goes thru with plans to permit staff to use phones other than the blackberry that they cripple and lock down! She will switch to the iPhone. In the past 2 years, the family has acquired 2 iTouchs and 2 iPads. Never had or have plans for a Mac.

  11. Living close to NYC means I sometimes have problems making a call with my AT&T iPhone, but the data use is fine. I’m also under contract until June, so I’ve got options. I think by then we’ll know how Verizon’s network is able to handle the increase in data, and how AT&T will respond. I’ve been with AT&T since the first iPhone, so I’m grandfathered in as far as unlimited data use, so that might be a reason to stay. So for now, I’ll just sit back, watch things unfold, and have plenty of information at hand when I’m ready to buy in June.

  12. I am going to be sticking with my Sprint Evo (I signed a contract last July). I do not see myself switching to a new iphone unless it starts to carry the larger screen like the evo. I love the larger screen and so far I am loving the coverage and speed of the Sprint network. Since I went to android I have not missed the iphone at all. All the apps I have needed I have found on the android market. My hubby is ironically ready to upgrade his iphone 3gs today of all days but no way is he switching to Verizon. He has a total of 5 lines on his current plan and it would not be cost effective at all for him to do so until all 5 expire which will be 18 months from now.

  13. There’s a reason why people who say things like “Verizon already has 9 handsets running on Android, which is technologically superior in every aspect of the game. Why the F would I even bother with the antiquated tech of the iPhone 4?” remain anonymous. They don’t want their friends to know how dumb they really are.

    I’ve been with AT&T since the original iPhone. I didn’t get it at the launch, but I did get it early the following year, when I could get out of my US Cellular account.

    I’ve been happy with AT&T, for the most part. I have not had very many network issues, and I’ve been in some pretty remote areas of the US. A recent trip to Northwestern Kansas (still in the 1800’s) had some dead spots, but even there, I could drive over the next hill, and get a signal without a problem.

    Verizon, on the other hand, when I had it, gave me the WORST network issues I have ever experienced. I suspect that it may have been the handset I had — the Treo. 5 of them. NONE worked worth a damn. I kept going back, after the 3rd didn’t do any better than the rest, I said “Just give me a phone. I have to be able to make and keep a call connected.” “We can’t do that — you’re with the Data Group — you need to use a phone they offer.” “Ok, what do they offer?” “Um, the Treo, sir.”

    I GLADLY paid their termination fee to escape VZW.

    iPhone on VZW will be a similar experience for current iPhone owners. CDMA means the loss of simultaneous voice and data. You can’t talk to someone on the phone, and look up something on the web, or flip to another app that uses a data connection, like to check movie times, or find a restaurant. Having been able to do that makes the iPhone SOOOO much more functional.

    VZW will take that away. So, with my experience on their network, there’s no way for VZW to overcome the shortcomings in order for me to move from AT&T.

  14. I get kind of annoyed when people say AT&T is “unreliable”, because it’s not that way for everyone. Where I am, Verizon is so-so and Sprint is hit or miss. AT&T, however, has excellent coverage and I don’t have any problems with my iPhone, except when in the deep recesses of a government building.

    I have no reason to change.

  15. The anonymous comment about the antiquated iPhone 4 is ridiculous since it implies that every phone is antiquated once a faster one is released. It reminds me of a few coworkers that always wanted the latest, greatest laptops even though they never do anything that needed the power.

    @Nancy, I’m on LI and I’ve never really had voice issues with AT&T. I sometimes only have 1 bar but the calls are fine. I actually have problems with calls coming in from Sprint and Verizon so Im sticking with AT&T.

    1. @Tom No, I will probably not be buying the iPhone 4 on Verizon. I’ll most likely get the opportunity to review it, but I won’t be buying one of my own. I’ll wait for the iPhone 5 and then decide. I’m still very happy with my Droid X.

  16. It doesn’t make sense to get a iPhone4 at Verizon when the iPhones are due for a another upgrade in mid 2011. by then, it makes sense to get a Verizon powered iPhone5

  17. OK I have to retract my previous comment.

    Today I realized that I’ve been “living” with the bugs on my Droid X which slowly drive me batty but I simply live with them and reboot. But in hindsight, I never had these sort of issues with my older iPhones (3GS and 4).

    I have to give this some thought. I already have a 4G LTE Verizon modem for my laptop, which fills my need for speed. I’d rather have a slightly smaller phone with rock solid build quality (yes Droid X battery door, I’m lookin at you) and fewer operating glitches.

  18. I had VZW for years. Had horrible customer service and mediocre coverage. I went to AT&T when the first iPhone was launched and have been happy with the decision. My wife has the iPhone 3GS, I have a Droid Captivate. Zero complaints about AT&T. Great coverage, excellent customer service. And they have the death star as their logo! I’m sticking with what works: AT&T

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