ThinkGeek Releases the iCade iPad Arcade Gaming Cabinet – For Real This Time!

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Last April, ThinkGeek listed a few joke items that were part of their April Fools’ Day prank.  One of these items was the iCade, posted about on The Gadgeteer.  Apparently, enough people seeing the joke item thought the iCade was a product worth purchasing, so ThinkGeek teamed up with ION and Atari to give us the iCade for real.  ION is developing the tabletop cabinet with arcade-style buttons and joystick to hold the iPad.  The iCade connects to the iPad via Bluetooth.  Atari will be bringing many of their classic games, like Asteroids, to market with iCade support built in.  After the iCade is released, an API will be released so other developers producing games for the iOS market can produce products for the iCade.  It’s not ready yet – ThinkGeek says it will begin shipping in April 2011.  The iCade iPad Arcade Gaming Cabinet will sell for $99.99, and you can sign up at ThinkGeek to be notified when it’s ready to ship.

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