Old school iPad gaming with the iCade

Ever have a yearning for those 80’s-style arcade games, but still want to stay on the cutting edge?  Enter the iCade iPad Arcade Game Cabinet.  Invented by those clever gadgetophiles at ThinkGeek, the iCade is a handcrafted, wooden, desktop-sized gaming console that allows you to slide in your iPad, launch the free iCade app (available April 3 in the App Store) and kick it old school with your long-lost pals Donkey Kong, Q-Bert, Dig Dug and more (games available separately).  With full-sized joystick and buttons, it also includes an integrated 30-pin Apple dock connector for charging and a 10W USB power adapter for juice hookup.  $149.99.

Sorry… this was an April Fools day post….

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10 thoughts on “Old school iPad gaming with the iCade”

  1. Janet Cloninger

    Andy, this this looks fabulous! I’ve never played arcade games – when I mentioned playing games on my touch and my iPad I meant playing card and board games like Scrabble. Still, I want one of these things. Too bad it’s so big and too expensive to use as a charging stand…

  2. Ah, but wasn’t the Star Wars TaunTaun sleeping bag originally an April Fool’s item before incredible demand led to an actual product?

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