Pet Gadgets

Yeah, me neither. But, according to Dr. Catsby, whisker fatigue is a real thing that can stress cats when their ultra-sensitive whiskers get over-stimulated by touching things like the sides of their food bowl. When this problem occurs, cats can refuse to eat and/or flick their food on the floor around their dish. If I… Read More

Do you have one of those dogs that seems to be able to Houdini its way off its leash? Well, I do. And that's him, pictured above. Boba the Escape Artist. Oh, he looks innocent enough, but he's clever, fast and ornery.  He's also somehow managed to unlatch his leash from his harness quite a… Read More

The worst part about walking a dog has got to be the ole poop, scoop and carry. I actually think my dog enjoys seeing me carrying his waste throughout the neighborhood and I'm sure he secretly delights in seeing me fling it in the air as I return a friendly wave from a neighbor because… Read More

FitBit, Misfit and Jawbone are popular activity trackers for humans, but what about our dogs? Shouldn't we know how active they are too? Activity trackers for pets isn't something new, but the WonderWoof BowTie is the cutest one I've seen so far. This activity sensor is shaped just like a bowtie and attaches to your… Read More

Many people install pet doors so that their pets can take care of business without having to wait on their owners. However, many pet doors may not be energy efficient and are not secure. The Power Pet Door by High Tech Pet aims to eliminate the problems of other pet doors. This door slides up… Read More

When I first saw theKickstarter project for the Opets leash, I thought it was another quirky product would make a fun news post. But when I started thinking more about it, I remembered when I had a Corgi. Walking Kasey wasn't the easiest task because she always liked to yank on the leash that was… Read More

We have had pet cams around our house for at least 15 years. We set up the cameras to find out what the animals do all day. (Sleep, mostly. No surprise there.) My cameras of choice tend to be Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, which include their own web server and don’t need to be connected… Read More

Here's a product that is supposed to be comforting, but it seems creepy and icky to me. Heavenly Pals is a new Indiegogo project for stuffed animals of the 10 most popular dog breeds (according to the AKC) that include: Boxer, English Bulldog, German Shepherd, Poodle and more. What's the big deal you ask? Well… Read More

Last fall, we told you about the iFetch, an interactive toy that pitches a ball for your small to medium-sized dog, or cat, to fetch.  You can even train your pet to return the small balls to the iFetch to reload it for longer play times.  The problem was that this version uses 1.5" balls, which… Read More

My dog, Teddy, seems to shed year round.  That means those darn dog hairs get everywhere, even in his water bowl.  He won't drink water with hair in it, and it's a pain trying to make sure his water meets his standards so he'll drink enough during the day.  And that's with me here with… Read More

Imagine your dog sporting a collar and leash in Star Trek Command gold, Sciences blue, or Engineering red!  The Star Trek Uniform Collars also have a hang-tag with the matching Starfleet insignia and a Star Trek Original Series logo on the buckle.  The collars are all $9.95 each, and they are available in small to… Read More

With the Polar Vortex in full blast, it's not fit for man nor beast outside.  You need to make sure you keep your four-footed friends indoors and safe, even when it's not cold enough to kill, and many people like to use crates when they aren't home with their animals or while they are sleeping… Read More

The Pawcet is an outdoor drinking fountain for your dog.  Attach a standard garden hose, and all Phideaux has to do is step on the Pawcet to get a drink of fresh water.  No more worrying that the water bowl will get turned over while you're at work!  The Pawcet is $24.99 at Quirky… Read More

Don't want to get a dog, cat, or gerbil for your kids? How about a fascinating different kind of "pet" - one that glows in the dark? Dino Pet is simply a container of photosynthetic bioluminescing dinoflagellates. These dinoflagellates are single celled algae that produce their own food via photosynthesis just like plants and will… Read More With the PetziConnect, you can see, talk to, and dispense treats to your cat or dog while you're out of the house.  Install the PetziConnect, connect it to your WiFi connection, install the free, secure app to your smart phone, and you and your fur babies will be in contact any time you like… Read More