FluentPet teaches your pet to talk!

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NEWS – FluentPet is a system of buttons that can teach pets to talk. These buttons, which can be placed around the house in foam HexTiles emit different words or phrases when pressed. Pets can learn to associate the sound from a button press with a specific word or command, allowing them to communicate with their owners in a new way. I think it’s funny that they show using this product with a cat because my cat Ozzy already “communicates” with me by not listening and doing whatever the heck he wants to do! I think this system is mainly geared toward dogs. You can buy kits that have 2 – 32 buttons. Prices start at $34.95 from fluent.pet and Amazon.

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  2. Oh, but you must look up author Mary Robinette Kowal and her cat Elsie, who has 85 word buttons now and uses them very creatively (e.g., “verbing” nouns when there isn’t a suitable button.) she periodically posts videos of their interaction on her Instagram account. an example:

  3. IF our cat Tiggrrr programmed this, the various buttons would repeat:
    Feed Me
    Feed Me
    Pet Me
    Leave Me Alone.

  4. Worst experience ever!!! They have my money, refuse to give it back although I never had the package, it went back to their storage – I read so many negative comments about the product that I refuse the package – more than 2 months ago. I started a chargeback case, but they disagreed with it, and now I have 0 package and they have my 143 euro since the beginning of February (3 months now) I hate this company!!! I needed to go to the authorities in the US. But I am not sure how I can get back my money.

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