Oneisall Pet Grooming Kit & Vacuum review – Keep your pup looking fabulous and your home fur-free!

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REVIEW – One of the great things about my adorable canine companion, Addy, is that, as a short-haired breed, she saves me a lot on grooming expenses. However, my mom’s pup, Rosey, a Chow mix, always seems to be in need of a good trimming. Relief from the never-ending and costly grooming appointments finally arrived in the form of the Oneisall Pet Grooming Kit and Vacuum that I recently tested. This all-in-one kit comes with a variety of different pet grooming attachments, a rechargeable buzzer, and an integrated vacuum that keeps Rosey’s hair from coating me and the rest of the house. At just $109 with an Amazon coupon, the Oneisall kit offers excellent value and has few downsides.

What is it?

The Oneisall Pet Grooming Kit and Vacuum is a dual-purpose device with seven grooming attachments that serve as a pet grooming kit as well as a mini vacuum cleaner. The kit is designed to collect pet hair during grooming, but the separate, rechargeable clipper can be used as a standalone device for hair clipping, paw trimming, or nail grinding.

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The Oneisall Grooming Kit ships securely in a plain cardboard box, which is surprisingly small for all that it contains. All of the components are safely wrapped in plastic and set into protective compartments.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 003837323

What’s in the box?

  • Vacuum unit
  • Electric Clipper
  • Clipper charging cable
  • 6 Clipper Guide Combs (3/6/9/12/18/23mm)
  • Vacuum Hose
  • Vacuum Crevice Tool
  • Vacuum Cleaning Brush
  • Pet Paw Trimmer
  • Pet Nail Grinder
  • Deshedding Brush
  • Grooming Brush
  • Attachment Storage Tray
  • Carrying bag
  • User manual
  • Replacement filter

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 004423200

Hardware specs

  • Input: 110V-130V-60Hz
  • Power: 300W
  • Hose Length: 5ft. (1.5M)
  • Container Capacity: 50oz. (1.5L)
  • Clipper Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
  • Dimensions: 11.9 x 8.7 x 5.12in (302 x 220 x 130MM)
  • Wire Length: 8.2ft (2.5M)
  • Maximum Noise: 60dB
  • Weight 9.59 lbs

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 005927290

Design and features

The Oneisall Pet Grooming Kit and Vacuum has a clean, simple design with rounded lines and curves. The entire kit is made of smooth white plastic with blue highlights.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 005416040

The main part of the kit is the vacuum unit and container. The 1.5L container fills up quickly during use with pups as hairy as our Rosey but might be large enough for shorter-haired dogs.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 005459144

To empty the container, there’s a small tab that releases it from the vacuum unit.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 005542866

Once the container is removed, you’ll have access to the kit’s dual-layer filtration.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 005546792

The black filter sponge is used to separate coarse particulates.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 005550576

The interior white HEPA filter is used to collect finer matter.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 005424861

The top of the vacuum unit has membrane buttons for power and vacuum suction speed, as well as an integrated carrying handle.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 005433345

The back of the vacuum unit has a large exhaust fan and wired power cord.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 005503137

The front of the vacuum unit has a connection for the 1.5M long hose.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 005254533

The hose is segmented and semi-clear so you can see and prevent blockages. The gray end of the hose connects to the vacuum unit and container.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 005301540

The other end of the hose has a blue and white tab for connecting the hose to one of the kit’s many attachments.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 005845219

The Oneisall attachments include a rechargeable clipper with six length guards, a nail grinder, paw trimmer, comb, cleaning brush, crevice tool, deshedding tool, and a grooming brush.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 004517061

The kit comes with a very useful storage tray, which is great for keeping all of the attachments organized and handy.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 004606250

The workhorse of the whole kit is the rechargeable clipper. The clipper can be used with or without the vacuum and works great to trim Rosey’s thick black hair.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 004611836

The clipper has a power switch on one side along with a USB-C charging port and LED battery indicator.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 004646483

The head of the clipper houses standard buzzer blades; just beneath the blades is a clear plastic suction port that routes clipped hair directly to the vacuum container.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 004631557

The hose for the vacuum connects securely to the bottom of the clipper.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 005113814

The clipper includes six different length guards to keep you from cutting your pup’s hair too short.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 005231989

The clipper accessories include a small cleaning brush and a USB-A to USB-C charging cord. Unfortunately, a USB power brick is not included.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 004544054

Another attachment that integrates with the vacuum is the grooming brush. I used this attachment almost as much as the clippers as it’s perfect for brushing out loose hair and has a convenient button to release hair from the brush and into the center vacuum hole.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 004716531

The deshedding brush is also quite useful for long-haired pups like Rosey and has a vacuum port just under the brush teeth.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 004915435

The nail grinder is a great way to keep your pet’s nails nice and trimmed without the complications involved with using nail clippers. The grinder fits onto the clipper in place of the blades and is powered by the clipper battery. The nail trimmings are collected via a clear plastic guard and collected in the vacuum container.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 004930090

The small paw trimmer is used to trim hair around your pet’s eyes, ears, and paws. Like the nail grinder, the attachment fits onto the clipper body, and there’s a small duct under the blades to suction the clipped hair.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 004808773

Also supplied are two standard vacuum attachments: a thin crevice tool and cleaning brush. With these attachments, you can use the Oneisall as a regular mini-vacuum.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 005339799

To organize and carry all of these parts to the kit, a large cloth carrying bag is included as well.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 005759381

While I was impressed by the design of the Oneisall kit, I was dismayed to notice a rather significant spelling error stamped right on the clipper.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 013351095


Aside from finding a pet to groom, setup for the Oneisall kit involves charging the clipper, connecting the vacuum, and choosing your attachment. With Rosey reluctantly standing by, I got the Oneisall kit ready for use.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 005630353

The USB-C port on the side of the clipper is used to charge the device using the included USB-A to USB-C cable.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 005643075

The built-in 2200mAh battery for the clipper takes about an hour to charge via USB. Once fully charged, indicated by three blue LED lights, the clipper can run for just under two hours continuously.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 005724136

After charging, snap on one of the six different length guards for the clipper.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 013547666

All that is left is to connect the clipper and vacuum unit with the hose, plug in the unit, and you’re ready to start grooming!

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 013611467


While Rosey was a bit skeptical about testing the Oneisall kit, I was excited to give her a much-needed trim without stressing her out or covering myself in dog hair.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 022339637

I started by giving Rosey a thorough brushing with the grooming brush. This attachment was incredibly effective at removing a ton of loose hair.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 015205056

Using the grooming brush did bring to light my one major gripe with the Oneisall, the container fills up rather quickly. With a long-haired dog like Rosey, I found that I constantly had to stop to empty the container out.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 023756294

After brushing out as much loose hair as I could, I switched to the clipper and started trimming Rosey’s coat. I’m definitely no Paul Mitchell, or even Edward Scissorhands for that matter, but with no prior experience, I was able to give Rosey a pretty decent trim without much trouble at all.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 014142427

Again, the only issue was that trimming Rosey’s hair filled the container up even faster than brushing did.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 023801970

Even with our frequent breaks to empty the container, Rosey stayed calm and relaxed the whole time. The volume of the Oneisall vacuum is only about 60 dB, which definitely helped keep Rosey from being made nervous by the noise. After a few minutes, she actually started to enjoy the grooming as well as all the treats and attention she was receiving.

Oneisall DogTrimmerKit Rev 023805559

Overall, the Oneisall kit and its attachments helped me provide Rosey with what otherwise would’ve been a very expensive grooming treatment. The clipper and paw trimmer worked great on her thick hair, and I really liked having all of the grooming attachments readily available in their storage tray while working. The vacuum did capture all of the hair, but it wasn’t as strong as I would’ve liked. Although I’m guessing the trade-off for low noise is low power.

What I like

  • Vacuum functions great with clipper and grooming brush
  • Sound is mitigated enough not to frighten pet
  • Attachment storage tray is a great way to keep things organized

What I’d change

  • Container for hair fills up too quickly
  • Not all attachments are useful
  • Vacuum suction could be stronger

Final thoughts

The Oneisall Pet Grooming Kit and Vacuum worked incredibly well on our pup, Rosey’s unruly coat. Using the clippers and vacuum attachment, I was able to trim Rosey without getting so much as a single hair on my clothes or surroundings, and the relatively low noise of the vacuum helped keep her from getting too nervous. I did have to periodically empty the small vacuum container, but it was a minor nuisance for the convenience of being able to groom our anxious pup in the comfort of her own home. I didn’t find all of the grooming kit attachments useful, but the clippers, grooming brush, and paw trimmer made the $109.99 price well worth it. The unit also functions perfectly as a mini-vacuum cleaner. Considering the money this kit will save in grooming fees, I highly recommend the Oneisall Pet Grooming Kit and Vacuum for pet owners with shaggy pups in need of some TLC.

Price: $129.99
Where to buy: Oneisall (Save $20 with code: gadgeteer ) and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Oneisall.

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