LED lighting

The LEDVANCE Gateway is a smart hub that interprets commands from a Wi-Fi network and transmits them to devices on its ZigBee network, and also monitors the status of those devices and reports it to authorized users. It is metaphorically the jam that holds all of the intelligent LEDVANCE products together. But, like the jam that holds your sandwich together, there are… Read More

This is the second in a three part review on LEDVANCE lighting and home automation products. The first review was for LEDVANCE’s Sylvania Lightify A19 LED bulb review. This review focuses on the LEDVANCE Lightify LED Flexible Strip RGBW. It is a 16-foot flexible strip that can be laid out to fit a variety of locations… Read More

Home automation has been a dramatic theme of science fiction for ages, yet few realize that this sci-fi premise is a day-to-day reality for many people. While most people are content enough to rely on the time-tested light switch and power button, many have invested in home automation to provide greater access to existing lighting and appliances… Read More

The Revogi Smart Color Lightstrip,  Smart Color Lightstrip (USB version), Delite 2 Smart LED Lightbulb,  Smart Candle Light and the Smart Meter Plug;  I received all 5 of these products for review at the same time. It was a gadget reviewer’s dream early Christmas!  I’ve been wanting to add some LED lightstrips to a couple of dark… Read More

Two years ago I reviewed the SnapPower SnapRays Guidelight outlet cover night light and am still using this product throughout my home. SnapPower has recently released a new version of this outlet cover night light that has been designed with child safety in mind. It's the SafeLight night light outlet cover and it features sliding… Read More

The market is pretty full of "smart" LED bulbs these days. I love the concept of these since you can adjust your indoor lighting to any mood you feel at the moment. Here's another one to add to the list, the Ilumi Smartbulb.  I got the chance to view a couple of these bulbs so… Read More

What do you get when you combine a bunch of triangular shaped LED panels that snap together like LEGO bricks and a smartphone app? You get Nanoleaf Aurora, a LED lighting system that lets you use your creativity to design illuminated shapes for your home. Each LED panel can display one of 16 million colors… Read More

Who knew such creativity would explode with the phase out of incandescent bulbs back in 2007? Not me. In fact I stocked up on 100 watt bulbs which will now be available at a steep discount at my next garage sale. We are seeing LEDs everywhere and doing so much more than most of us… Read More

"Want to dim your lights but don’t have a dimmer switch installed? Too bad! Until now."  That's the tagline of the Nanoleaf Bloom, an odd-looking LED bulb that you can dim just by flicking a switch.  How does this work?  Let's find out. DON'T MISS: LOFTEK Outdoor/Indoor Rechargeable LED Light review Yes, it's shaped like a… Read More

The Compass series chandelier by Modgen caught my eye and is sure to do the same with any of your guests. It's a simple, elegant LED pendant light that would fit wonderfully with modern style furniture and decor. The light has an outer aluminum casing with an inner plastic ring and is 375mm x 45.7mm and… Read More

Each month my electric company (Duke Energy) sends me an energy report to let me know how my electricity usage compares to similar homes in my area. Ever since they began sending these reports, my house has always been shown to use more electricity, which translates into paying higher bills. Even after switching most of… Read More

In recent years, there's been a lot of discussion about how the blue light from the screens of mobile devices could be negatively impacting sleep patterns.  Humans evolved having bright, bluish-white light from the sun during part of the day.  The only light they had at night was either from the stars and moon or… Read More

Outdoor lighting makes using your deck much more enjoyable, but it can be expensive when you have to have an electrician come out and wire them.  These Solar LED Stained-Glass Postcap for 4X4 Posts lights don't need wiring because they have solar panels built in to charge the included 1 AA NiMh rechargeable battery that powers… Read More

Motion sensors are great in concept - illuminating your property when they sense nearby motion - but they can lack in execution.  Normal motion sensors light up only a relatively small area around the light when they detect motion.  This isn't a problem when the motion is from an animal, but could allow a more… Read More

Phillips has a variety of lights for their WiFi-connected Hue system.  There are color-changing bulbs, white light-only bulbs, strips lights, and tabletop lamps, but they all have one thing in common:  they have to be screwed into a lamp socket (bulbs) or plugged into a power outlet to work.  The Go lamp is the first… Read More