Govee Neon Rope Light 2 review – Make your own neon signs

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REVIEW – If decorating your home with plants and photos on your wall seems a little boring to you, how about creating your own neon sign with customizable lighting effects? The Govee Neon Rope Light 2 will let you do that. Let’s check it out.

What is it?

The Govee Neon Rope Light 2 is a soft and flexible rope that has RGBIC LEDs that can be programmed with the Govee app and controlled via Alexa, Matter, or Google Assistant.

What’s included?

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  • Govee Neon Rope Light 2
  • AC adapter
  • User manual

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  • Mounting hardware

Design and features

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Govee sells the Govee Neon Rope Light 2 in a 9.8 ft length and 16.4 foot length. They sent me the longer version which has 420 LEDs. It also comes with a black bottom edge or white bottom edge.

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Attached to one end of the rope light is a 28 inch power cable with an inline controller. The included AC adapter plugs into the attached cable to offer a total power cord length of about 8 feet.

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The mounting hardware includes metal hangers with grooves that grip the rope light.

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These hangers can be mounted to a wall with screws or attached with adhesive.

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The holders can be bent to create curves in the rope light.

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The Govee Neon Rope Light 2 is very flexible and can withstand sharp turns, which makes it easy to create almost any shape that you can imagine.

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When you plug in the light to power, it immediately turns on and starts whatever effect was last set.

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The Govee app has an almost unlimited collection of effects.

You can choose from a variety of color cycling effects, or create your own by folding the rope light into one of the shapes in the shape gallery and applying the effect.

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The app will also allow you to DIY your own effects, from color cycling, twinkling, speed, direction, schedules, etc.

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All you have to do is take a picture of the shape you’ve created. The program will then let you assign colors to LED segments and animate them.

And since it’s 2024 and AI is taking over everything, the Govee app also includes 2 AI features. One that works, and one that doesn’t (at least not at the time I was doing my testing). The AI feature that I was able to get to work was the image effect. You can upload an image and the app uses the colors from the image to create a lighting effect. It worked pretty well.

The other feature is the Lighting Bot, which is supposed to take your spoken prompts and create a lighting effect. Each time I tried it, it said that the device was not online, which it was… So go figure.

See it in action

What I like about the Govee Neon Rope Light 2

  • Very flexible
  • Comes with a generous amount of mounting hardware
  • Simple to setup
  • Almost infinite customization

What needs to be improved?

  • AI lighting bot

Final thoughts

The Govee Neon Rope Light 2 is a fun way to decorate a wall. With the full-featured Govee app, you can enjoy almost unlimited customization of your neon sign.

Price: $89.99
Where to buy: Govee and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Govee. Govee did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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