Quntis 82ft 1000 LED string lights review – Light up your holidays

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REVIEW – Several years ago, I strung together lights along my backyard fence with varying results. One strand wasn’t really for outdoor use and failed. The next  strand I tried required me to daisy chain several together, and eventually failed. As luck would have it, I got my hands on the Quntis 82ft (25m) string of 1000 LED lights.

What is it?

Quntis 82ft 1000 LED string lights are a string of outdoor-rated LED lights with 8 different lighting modes. There are a total of 1000 lights. It is literally a Thousand Points of Light (insert groan).

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Hardware specs

25m long (82 feet)
Distance between plug and light: 3m
Power consumption: 9W
Weather resistance: IP44
8 different lighting modes
Color: Warm white (color and cool white also available)

Design and features

The Quntis 82ft 1000 LED string lights came on a simple plastic spool. This is how string lights should come packed! I also found a bundle of black zip ties.

qunits 82ft LED 03

The plug has a rubbery momentary button that lets you toggle through the different light modes: “Combination, In waves, Sequential, Slo-Glo, Chasing/Flash, Slow fade, Twinkle/flash and Steady on”.  The instructions state that this plug itself is not waterproof.

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I noticed the density of lights is pretty high. I estimate about one light every inch. That’s a lot of lights!

qunits 82ft LED 05

I received the warm white color, which has a slight yellow hue.

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I shot a simple video showing some of the lighting modes of the Quntis 82ft 1000 LED string lights. Fortunately, the strand remembers the last mode, so if you plug it back in, it’ll light up in the last selected mode.

I stapled the light strand along my backyard fence. As advised, I placed the plug in a weatherproof box.

qunits 82ft LED 08


It doesn’t look bad! The color temperature of the Quntis 82ft 1000 LED string lights is just right for my tastes, and I didn’t have to join multiple strings of light end to end.

qunits 82ft LED 09

What I like

  • Comes shipped on a wire spool for tangle-free handling.
  • Very dense: One light per inch.
  • The string remembers what mode you put it in the last time. Great for remote switching.

What I’d change

  • The plug itself isn’t weather resistant.

Final thoughts

My holiday lights have gotten less festive over the years because I’ve gotten lazy. Not only is the Quntis 82 ft string much longer than what I’m used to, but having one LED per inch really makes for a nice look. I may leave the lights up year round.

Price: $41.89 (at the time of this article)
Where to buy: Quntis and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by The Quntis Store.

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