HIBOITEC motion-activated LED under cabinet lamps review – Blinded by the light

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REVIEW – There are places in most of our homes, offices, garages, or sheds that need more or better lighting. LED technology and battery technology have improved quite a bit in recent years so now, there are numerous solutions to this problem. I was recently sent the HIBOITEC sconces to test. I’ve installed them (it’s a two-pack) and am ready to report. Let’s do it!

What is it?

The HIBOITEC motion-activated LED under cabinet lamps are two flat, rechargeable, motion-activated LED units.

What’s in the box?

  • Two (2) LED units
  • Four (4) magnetic plates with adhesive on one side
  • 6” USB-A<=>USB-C charging cable
  • Paperwork

Hardware specs

From the manufacturer’s website

  • New Design, New Features
  • 3 Color Temperatures, 3 Levels of Brightness
  • Motion Light Sensor, Multi Working Modes to Choose
  • Larger Capacity Rechargeable Battery for Long-Lasting Use
  • Install in 3 seconds, Wide Application
  • Lifelong Replacement for Free

Design and features

The official Amazon title of this product is 2023 Newest 65 LED Motion Sensor Lights Indoor 3 Color Temps, 2 Packs Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting, 2500mAh Rechargeable Wireless Closet Lights Night Light for Drawers, Wardrobe, Stair, Kitchen (Whew!) The manufacturer is HIBOITEC (which I mentally pronounce as “high-boy-tech”). They arrive packaged in a minimal cardboard box and no extraneous padding. (Very green! Thanks, HIBOITEC!)

HIBOITEC LED motion lights 3
The HIBOITEC motion-activated LED under cabinet lamps are 13.25” x 1.875” x .5”. On one short end, there is a USB-C port for charging and a three-way slider for On/Off/Auto. (Auto means the motion sensor is active.) On the large face of this end are two push buttons. One has a thermometer icon (I know, it looks like a key in the photo below, but trust me!), which changes color temp between 100% warm (2800º K), 50%/50% warm and cool (4000º K), and 100% cool light (8000º K). The other has a sunshine icon, which changes the intensity of the light between 15%, 60%, and 100% of the power of the LEDs.

HIBOITEC LED motion lights 12

Also in this area is a hemispherical motion sensor .375” across and .125” high. I used one light at some of the various settings below (without the usual studio lights) to show some of the differences in the settings. You’ll want to play with them in your environment to see which is best. None of this is set in stone – you can change them at any time.

The remainder of this face is a single, opaque, soft white panel. You cannot see into the LED area at all. The product description states there are 65 LEDs in each unit, but the diffusion is perfect. When you turn it on (in any setting) it looks like a single light source.

The back of each HIBOITEC motion-activated LED under cabinet lamp is flat so that you can mount it easily. The metal pieces will stick to embedded magnets in the lighting unit itself in just two places. The attachment is very strong. You peel the liner off the adhesive while the magnet is holding the plates in place, press the unit where you’d like to mount it (clean, dry, flat surface) and you’re done. When you pull on either of the LED units, the metal plates are now attached, and you can charge the units and return them to their place easily. If you want to attach it to metal shelving, you won’t need the metal plates – the units will attach and stay in place easily. If you do not want to mount them permanently, there is a retractable hanging loop on the end opposite the charging port/switch for hanging which extends .375”. No hanging solution is included.

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As with anything with an internal battery, the best practice is to charge fully when you get it. These units can be charged with 20-watt or 5-watt adapters. They were about 80% charged on arrival.


I placed one in my linen closet and one under a kitchen cabinet. (I haven’t gotten the backsplash in my kitchen yet. Don’t judge – it’s a work in progress!)  Both are set to motion activation. When I open the closet door, the light is activated. In the kitchen, it activates when motion on the counter occurs, which is what I wanted. I’m curious how it’s going to react once I’m living there fully and Jack (my sheltie) walks near the cabinet. He tends to wander around the kitchen, sniffing for crumbs, so time will tell. I’ve not had indoor motion-activated lights before.

What I like

  • Very light, thin, and powerful
  • Good range of intensity/color temperature
  • Fast charging/long-lasting battery.

What I’d change

  • Add a way to lengthen or shorten the shut-off delay and/or motion sensitivity.
  • Offer other colorways.

Final thoughts

I love the HIBOITEC motion-activated LED under cabinet lamps! They are a great size, have adequate options for colors and intensity, and are easily removable for charging. They are exactly what I was wanting while I’ve been searching the kitchen task lighting areas of Home Depot and Lowe’s. It’s a crowded market, and I’ve had some other LED solutions for outside that give me – um – less than optimal results. I’m happy that these work as advertised.

Price: $49.99 – currently on sale for $29.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by HIBOITEC.

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