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BoschLevel - 10

Hanging pictures, wallpaper, and leveling furniture is tough sometimes. For those who live in an older home, it's even worse, because sometimes, there's not really a level or plumb surface to reference and you have to furnish your own. For those jobs, a regular spirit level just doesn't cut it. You need to use a [...]

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We've all seen FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) spread by various competing vendors to lessen the allure of their competitors. Today, however, a huge flaw was revealed about Android devices using chipsets from Qualcomm that should make everyone take notice. Dubbed QuadRooter by Check Point, the company that discovered and documented it, the exploit gives complete [...]

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I've been doing reviews for several years, and more of them seem to be coming with varying levels of resistance to ingress of foreign matter and water, usually given by an IP rating or code, such as IP64. Curious, I searched for the term and read several articles, and found a couple of charts that explain [...]

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ToffeeCentennial - 1

Carrying things around has certainly changed in the last few years. Knapsacks used to be for school books or camping equipment. People in the work world carried briefcases. Then, suddenly, laptops happened, and slowly, the knapsack/backpack became ubiquitous. I've carried them off and on for years, for work and for pleasure. Toffee (spelled with reversed [...]

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So, you've asked your iDevice's voice assistant to do something for you and it did something completely different. Who's to blame - you or Siri? Like most relationships, it may have a lot to do with how you phrase your questions. A new site - - tries to cover the ever-growing lexicon of Siri commands. [...]

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EliveBuyPlus - 2

In the world of portable USB chargers, there has been one constant: every one that I've seen uses a microUSB port for charging. Doesn't matter if it's a device dedicated to an Apple product that uses a Lightning connector, or even the older 30-pin connector. Charging them meant you had to have a USB to [...]

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BrenthavenMedina - 1

A few weeks back, I reviewed the Collins vertical iPad/laptop bag from Brenthaven that I'd bought a while back for my iPad Air 2. I was looking for a similar bag for my iPad Pro. They now make one in that size, but I was hesitant. The two things I had mentioned that I would [...]

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RoninKeyKic - 2

Kickstarter campaigns continue to come and go. I've only ever had one that did not get funded. I love being a part of the excitement as designers and makers go through the stages of learning and shipping. Recently, we were offered a carbon fiber multi-key holder called the KeyMik that is part of a Kickstarter [...]

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Barbarian - 1

I'm not much of a drink mixer. I like cocktails, but don't do much mixing myself. Part of the reason is that, other than a knife, a shot glass, and a corkscrew, I really don't have many of the tools needed to make those fun concoctions. But, as an intrepid gadgeteer, I knew we shouldn't [...]

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Arina - 5

Bluetooth speakers are all over the map, it seems. You can get small ones that recharge, large ones that have battery or plugin power options, weatherproof, multi-speaker, and ornate ones that try to blend in to your more formal living areas. Firmly in that latter category, the Arina, from Muemma, is both a Bluetooth speaker [...]

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CaseMade - 1

The iPad Pro (12.9") is a bold move for Apple. Being a huge, thin slab of glass, and being a bit heavier than previous versions of the popular tablet means that damage from that ever-present enemy of all things technical - gravity - is a potential issue that needs to be taken into consideration. CaseMade [...]

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TashtegoRollup - 3

Packing for travel is a pain sometimes. You need clothes, various charging cables, and, of course, your toiletries. I generally pack fewer items in this category than my Lovely Bride, since I'm willing to wash my hair with whatever soap is available and use one lotion for skin, hair, and face. (Coconut oil is wonderful!) [...]

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ElecloverWatchStand - 10

Face it, if you're using an Apple Watch, you're going to need to charge it on a regular basis. As in daily. And, like many other devices, most of us want to charge our watches where we want, not "have to" go to a certain location. To facilitate charging on the go, the folks at [...]

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Hello, my name is Smythe, and I'm a bag-a-holic. I know I've come to the right group, because you all have far more bags than you can use in a month, don't you? Well, my current bag habit has brought me a bag from veteran bag makers Brenthaven, in their Collins line of messenger bags. [...]

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TheDuke - 8

Standing desks have been around for years, but they are making a comeback, due to some recent studies. The studies revolved around the dangers of sitting for prolonged periods. I've recently seen news reports of schools that are replacing traditional desks with standing desks, and the energizing effect they've had on students. So, with my [...]

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