LULULOOK fast charging 10000mAh iPhone power bank review – MagSafe and all the cables

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REVIEW – Will we ever be free from having to have spare batteries for our portable devices? I can’t see such a future, but some power banks fit into your life very easily and make things easier. Such is the Lululook magnetic power bank 10000 mAh that I was sent recently. Let me give you a tour.

What is it?

The LULULOOK fast charging 10000mAh iPhone power bank is a MagSafe power bank that can also use all the wired connectors.

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What’s in the box?

  • LULULOOK fast charging 10000mAh iPhone power bank
  • USB-A=>USB-C charge cable
  • paperwork

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Hardware specs

From company listing

  • USB-A:5V=4.5A/4.5V-5A(22.5W);9V=2A;12V=1.5A(18W)
  • Type-C Output: 9V=2.5A(22.5W) Input:5V=3A,9V=2A(18W)
  • Wireless Output:7.5W/10W/15W Lightning Input:5V=2.4A
  • Li Battery Capacity:10000mah 385Wh Rated Capacity: 6000mah
  • Fast Charging Power Bank
  • Max 22.5W USB-C output, 18W Lighting input fast charging, and max 18w USB-C input.
  • Capable of charging up to three devices simultaneously
  • Prop It Up
  • LED Digital Display

Design and features

The LULULOOK fast charging 10000mAh iPhone power bank is about the size of a deck of playing cards: 4” x 2.75” x .675”. It weighs 7 oz. It feels very smooth in my hand. I thought at first that it was a light metal case, but I found out through an unfortunate gravity incident that it’s actually a high-strength plastic.

LuluLookPowerbank 15
On the main face is the well-known circle and line of the MagSafe™ protocol from Apple, in white against either a silver, cobalt blue, or black case.

LuluLookPowerbank 3

LuluLookPowerbank 7

On the bottom panel of the LULULOOK fast charging 10000mAh iPhone power bank, there is a  center LED that indicates available power in the battery. This is on whenever the power bank is being charged or is in use. To the left of that is a USB-C port, which can be used for charging or to charge another device. To the right of that LED is a USB-A port, which is only useful to charge other items. (Up to three items can be charged at once, but the max output is capped at 22.5W.)

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On the narrow side to the right, there is a Lightning port, only for charging the device, and on the opposite narrow side, a button to turn on the LCD to read how much power is available.

LuluLookPowerbank 8

On the back, there is a single 2.5” lift-up metal leg that can hold the phone while being charged at a 55º angle. It can also be used to hold the device up when viewing in landscape orientation at a 62º angle.

LuluLookPowerbank 5


The only setup is to charge the LULULOOK fast charging 10000mAh iPhone power bank on arrival.


I have used the LULULOOK fast charging 10000mAh iPhone power bank whenever I am using my iPhone away from a charger for video or reading email or social media. If you’re watching Netflix, TikTok, or YouTube, you can burn through a full half of your battery during a lunch hour. This little box keeps your battery available for use later, when having it attached to your phone may not be so convenient. Recharging it just takes a few minutes on a 20-watt power adapter to get back to 100%. It holds a charge for a good while without degrading.

What I like

  • Light and compact
  • Holds device tightly in either orientation
  • Charges quickly and holds a charge

What I’d change

  • LED is always on when in use – why?

Final thoughts

We all have our favorite charging methods. I’ve been a fan of using something that can fit into my backpack’s front pocket for a good while, and have found this LuluLook power bank to hit the sweet spot between good power, small size, and ease of use.

LuluLookPowerbank 1

Apropos of nothing: The company accidentally sent me two, each alone in a gigantic shipping box from Amazon. I wish we could figure out how not ever to do this.

Price: $37.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by LuluLook.

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