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Amazon is in the process of updating their Kindle app, e-Readers, and Fire tablets to include a new navigation feature called Page Flip. This feature allows you to tap on the current page of the book you are reading so that it remembers that page and pins a thumbnail version of it to the side [...]

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When we were kids in school we had to label ALL of our belongings, which was a chore. However, labeling things can be fun, especially with tools like the Electric Carving Pen Tool. This engraving pen can be used on jewelry, metal, wood, ceramic, and glass and might be an ideal gift for the artistic [...]

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Oh yeah, and his head rotates! Yes, this creative Star Wars BB-8 USB Car Charger from ThinkGeek will charge two of your devices at a time at 2.1A each using your car's 12V power adapter (cigarette lighter). He fits comfortably into your car's standard cup holder (he is 6 inches tall including the antenna x [...]

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Do you find yourself getting bored using the same old earphones when you exercise? When shopping for earphones, I look for those which have unique designs that pique my curiosity; but of course, they also must have decent audio quality, a sweat-proof rugged design and they must be affordable too. Perhaps you look for those things [...]

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Last year I reviewed the MPOW Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones and absolutely loved them. However, I still wonder whether or not there are other affordable Bluetooth in-ear headphones out there that I might like even more. This year the Gadgeteer was offered the MPOW Antelope Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sports In-Ear Headphones to review and I [...]

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Perhaps you've seen charging cables with reversible USB A connectors out there, meaning that they can be successfully inserted into a USB port no matter whether they are flipped to one side or the other. But have you seen cables with reversible micro-USB connectors? Scosche has such cables that will fit into micro-USB ports no [...]

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With all the mobile devices in our households lying around especially when they need charging, the availability of organizers to free up space on countertops or desktops is certainly attractive. This is very true for me - I thrive on having my stuff organized and easily accessible which also frees up valuable space around our [...]

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I normally use my new iPod Touch 6G just to have an iOS device to play around with and to test iOS accessories and associated apps for the Gadgeteer; thus, I do not keep a lot of files on my iPod. However, there are those in my family who do keep a lot of files [...]

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Have you ever been on an international flight and needed to use the bathrooms? You know that they've been used multiple times and you've seen how dirty they get. Well, this hasn't escaped the engineers at Boeing either. According to the Boeing website, engineers have built a prototype lavatory that uses far UV light, which [...]

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If you recently purchased a new laptop, it probably came with the new industry standard USB-C port. This port will eventually replace all older USB ports and you'll find Macs, PCs, and mobile devices alike using them - hooray for standardization! Ah, but since upgrading, perhaps you may have left behind a magnetic cable that [...]

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Hey, all you superhero fans! Add a little superhero flare to your "batcave" with this decorative Batman bookshelf. This is a handcrafted item made of wood, measures 47 inches wide x 20 inches tall x 8 inches deep, and appears to come in two separate pieces. The Dark Knight Batman Bookshelf is available in three [...]

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If you're a T-Mobile customer, you can watch the entire 2016 baseball season live via MLB.TV Premium for free - that's every out-of-market (non-local) regular season game of your favorite team(s). That saves you $109.99! Just enroll between April 3-10. This link will provide the details about how to enroll (located in the middle of [...]

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Hey, look! It's a beetle with a backpack! An electronic backpack. Cool. But why does he have this backpack? Well, in an effort to better understand the musculature of insect locomotion, scientists and engineers from the University of California Berkeley and Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) strapped on tiny computers and wireless radio controls to [...]

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Are you tired of the sometimes clunky looking smartwatches and fitness trackers out there? I myself, will always choose function over form, but come on, why can't we have both? Michael Kors, a designer of high-end luxury accessories and clothing, must have thought the same thing. They have been working with Google to develop a [...]

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My husband's hobby is model rocketry. He enjoys building model rockets from kits as well as designing them then launching them. There are actually certification levels that you can attain in order to build and launch the larger high power model rockets with the larger engines (you can't purchase the high power engines without having [...]

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