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I was not prepared for this.  I thought I was going to review a rugged Bluetooth speaker.  I didn't expect to unpack something that looked AND felt this rugged.  This is the DreamWave Tremor- probably the only Bluetooth speaker I've tried that could double as a battering ram. When you're a Gadgeteer, you see a [...]

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Galaxy ZEGA tank game review


I've always loved remote controlled toys, and my son (age 10) has always had a fascination with tanks.  Recently he made a Lego tank of his own design, complete with the treads.  When I saw the Galaxy ZEGA remote control tank game, I knew I had to give it a try. I had never heard of [...]

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takeya thermo tumbler-05

Not too long ago I bought what I thought was a pricey insulated cup for my cold drinks.  When I spotted the Takeya ThermoTumbler 20 oz., I thought "this looks familiar", so I thought I'd see if there were any differences. • Double-wall vacuum insulation keeps your drink cold or hot for hours. • Clear [...]

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drevo gramr-01

I'm not much of a gamer anymore, but my son (currently age 10) enjoys playing Minecraft and asked for an alternative to the flat-keyed Apple USB keyboard.  I thought this would be a great time to take a closer look at a mechanical keyboard- in this case, the Drevo Gramr 84-key Backlit Mechanical Keyboard. Most [...]

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Terrapin iPhone case-01

I like simple phone cases.  Unfortunately, most cases kind of detract from the original, simple lines of the iPhone.  The Terrapin TPU cases are simple and effective.  Let's take a look. I was sent a white and a black sample. The cases are smooth and shiny on the outside, and unusually matte on the inside. [...]

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SmartOmi BOOTS-01

Let's get this out of the way:  I cannot wear earbuds.  Well, I can, but I simply choose not to.  I'm an over-the-ear kind of headphone fan.  But, tiny earbuds that don't even have a cord?  Let's see what this is about. The SmartOMI BOOTS is a set of Bluetooth ear buds that don't require [...]

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My son Joey is now 10, and like many his age, loves Minecraft.  I've seen other attempts at creating educational products with Minecraft, but nothing quite like the Piper Computer kit.  A "build it yourself" computer that plays Minecraft?  I decided to take a hands-off approach and let my son build it all by himself. [...]

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jbl charge 3_03

In the world of cylindrical bluetooth speakers, the Logitech UE Boom I reviewed is the first that usually comes to my mind.  It had great 360 degree sound plus a waterproof design.  Today I look at the JBL Charge 3 waterproof portable bluetooth speaker to see how it holds up in the crowded world of [...]

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Campark Sports Camera-01

This summer I bought my son a remote controlled car.  Soon, I thought "what if I could attach a camera to it?"  I already had GoPro cameras, but I wasn't sure mounting them to a zippy kid's toy that's prone to crashing.  Fortunately, I had the chance to review the Campark Sports Camera, which boasts [...]

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netscout aircheck G2-04

Back in 2015, I moved into my remodeled home and discovered various ethernet issues with the wiring in the house.  Thankfully, I had some help with the Fluke LinkSprinter 300 network tester.  But what if you need some help troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues?  With the Netscout Aircheck G2, now you've got some help. The hardware may look [...]

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kinesis savant elite2-01

In my recording/audio booth, I'm constantly finding ways to make things a little more efficient in such a tiny, 5x5 foot space.  I like to keep my hands free when recording, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try out the Kinesis Savant Elite2 Dual Pedal. I was immediately struck by how [...]

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iRig Mic Lav2-02

If I've said once, I've said it a hundred times:  One of the first rules in audio is to put the sound where the people are.  The same goes for microphone placement.  Sometimes, the microphone built in to your smartphone just won't cut it.  The iRig Mic Lav microphone kit allows daisy-chaining two lavaliere microphones [...]

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ipazzport bluetooth keyboard amazon-16

Ever try to enter in your username and password using nothing more than a handheld remote?  I have several bluetooth keyboards I could use with my various streaming devices, such as Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, but I never seem to have one handy.  The iPazzPort is a Bluetooth keyboard that comes with two [...]

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I don't like putting keys in my pockets.  Since I don't always carry a bag, I've been looking for a clever way to keys onto things.  But what if you could combine both?  That's where the Fortius Arms KeyBiner Carabiner comes in. That's right, a carabiner that actually holds your keys.  If you use a [...]

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nyne rebel 14a

What is it with strange looking bluetooth speakers?  Earlier this year I had a chance to listen to the hole-in-the-middle Fluance Fi70.  This time, we're going to look at the distinctively angular Nyne Rebel splashproof portable Bluetooth speaker. If you're not familiar with Nyne, we've had a chance to review other speakers, such as the [...]

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