Volterrex LED Lanterns review – Very bright ideas

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Voltrex 19500 11

REVIEW – I volunteer with a local Scout troop. The parking lot is nearly pitch black at night, making it tricky to walk outside after meetings. Fortunately, I had a chance to try out a pair of lanterns, the Volterrex 4,000 lumen Pro Lantern, and the Volterrex 19,500 lumen Balloon Light kit.

What is it?

The Volterrex lanterns both produce light from LEDs. The Pro Lantern is powered by rechargeable batteries.Voltrex 4000 02

The Balloon Light is AC powered and designed to be pole mounted.

Voltrex 19500 02

What’s included?

Volterrex Pro Lantern:
  • Rechargeable lantern
  • Tripod adapter and ring
  • Charger
  • Carry sackVoltrex 4000 03
Volterrex Balloon Light:
  • AC powered lantern
  • Tripod adapter, hook with hardware
  • RF remote control
  • Carry sackVoltrex 19500 01

Tech specs

Click to expand LED Pro Lantern:

5.2 lbs
4,000 lumens
Runtime 360°: 2.5hr max brightness, 25hr min brightness
180°: 5hr max, 50 min
Flashlight: 9.4hr max, 90hr min
SOS: 16hr max, 150hr min
Charging time: 8hr
Battery: 14.8V, 7800mAh
USB output: 5V, 2A
IP54 water resistance

Click to expand LED Balloon Light:

150W (AC powered)
Cable length: 15 feet
7.15 lbs
19,500 lumens
Inflated size: 5.7″ x 5.7″ x 9.8″
IP44 water resistance


Design and features

LED Pro Lantern

The lantern is designed to carried and placed down on a flat surface. At over 5lbs, it’s got some heft.

Voltrex 4000 01

There are LEDs everywhere, including on the top!

Voltrex 4000 07

The main body of the lantern features little LEDs behind the frosted plastic in a 360° pattern.

Voltrex 4000 04

There are two knobs. The left selects the “pattern”: 360°, 180°, top LEDs, and SOS. The right knob turns the lantern on and gets brighter as you turn it clockwise.

Somehow, the left knob came cracked and doesn’t have the best tactile feedback: Choosing modes is almost a guessing game.

Voltrex 4000 05

Behind a rubbery door on the back is a USB output to charge your gadgets, and a charging port.

Voltrex 4000 06

The charger comes with it, rated at 24V output.

Voltrex 4000 11

On the bottom, you’ll find a fold-out hook so you can hang the lamp upside down and a threaded insert that works with the supplied ring and tripod adapter.

Voltrex 4000 10

The handle swings around easily. It does not lock into place.

Voltrex 4000 08

In fact, the handle can swing all the way around.

Voltrex 4000 09

LED Balloon Light Kit

The Balloon Light Kit came with a slightly different set of accessories. It has a tripod mount, O-shaped ring (not pictured), plus a pole clamp. A safety cable is included.

Voltrex 19500 03

Here’s the O-hook attached to the base of the Balloon Light.

Voltrex 19500 04

The kit comes with a tripod and a carry sack.

Voltrex 19500 05

At full height, the tripod extends to 79″ tall.

Voltrex 19500 06

If you’re not careful, you can pull the sections of the tripod completely out. A red stripe warns you not to go further.

Voltrex 19500 07

An RF remote comes with the Balloon Light. This is the only way to control the light. There are no physical controls on the light itself.

Voltrex 19500 09

Assembly, Installation, Setup

Blue LEDs on the front of the Pro Lantern indicate the state of charge.

Voltrex 4000 12

The Balloon Lantern won’t sit on a flat surface, so it must be hung somewhere, or placed on the tripod from the kit.
Voltrex 19500 08


This is the 4000 lumen LED Pro Lantern at full brightness in a dark parking lot. It illuminates the area around the table and surrounding area nicely.

Voltrex 4000 13

When the Balloon Light powers up, a small fan inflates the balloon into shape.

Voltrex 19500 10

I lit up the same area using a portable power bank to supply the AC. The 19,500 lumen Balloon Light is much brighter, providing light over a larger area. Notice the tree on the left behind the wall.

Voltrex 19500 11

What I like about the  Volterrex Lanterns

    4,000 Lumen LED Pro Lantern:
  • Selectable 360°, 180°, top and SOS patterns
  • Many mounting options
  • Sits flat on a surface
    19,500 Lumen LED Balloon Light Kit:
  • VERY bright
  • Balloon shape provides diffused light

What needs to be improved?

    • 4,000 Lumen LED Pro Lantern:
    • I wish the mode selection knob had better detents or tactile feedback
      19,500 Lumen LED Balloon Light Kit:
    • No physical controls: Remote only

Final thoughts

If I can access AC power, I’m going with the Volterrex Balloon Light whenever I can. It does require the use of a tripod or the ability to hang it off something from the hook. The smaller Volterrex Pro Lantern is plenty bright if I need something portable or if AC power isn’t available.

Price: LED Pro Lantern $239.99, LED Balloon Light Kit $449.99
Where to buy: Volterrex and Lowes
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by Volterrex. Volterrex did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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