Photo keepsake

Make personalized gift wrapping paper with your own photos

We’ve told you about a variety of products that you personalize with your own photos – books, stretched canvas, 3-d figures – but I’ve never seen this product before.  GiftSkins lets you make custom gift wrapping paper using your own images.  You can even add a personalized message, so your paper will be absolutely perfect …

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Aluminyze Photo Printing review

“If a picture speaks a thousand words… Aluminyze leaves you speechless!” announced the Aluminyze website.  It is precisely what you think:  your photos are printed on a sheet of aluminum.  Huh?  Why?  Aluminyze says that their aluminum prints are durable, beautiful, and make great gifts.  I had a corner of my office that needed some …

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Transform Your Photos into Aluminum Art with Aluminyze

A lot of families like to give photos of their children to the grandparents as holiday gifts, and Aluminyze  has a unique photo product that is the perfect gift.  Instead of paper, Aluminyze infuses your images on a thin, solid sheet of aluminum.  Vibrant colors make your photo come alive, and the aluminum means your …

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Mixbook Personalized Printed Photo Books Review

A Mixbook collects your photos and lets you share them with others.

Mixtapes (or mixCDs, if you’re of the younger generation that didn’t have to use tape), those custom-designed soundtracks of your life from high school and before, were ubiquitous. If you liked someone, or wanted to celebrate a special memory or event, you’d make a mixtape to play in the background. We still do similar things …

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RocketLife Photo Mug Review

RocketLife online printing service allows you to create photobooks, mugs, calendars, mousepads, cards, and a variety of other prints and keepsake photo gifts.  I was happy to give their service a try when they offered The Gadgeteer the opportunity to customize one of their photo mugs.  Read on to learn how my mug turned out and …

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Shapeways Photoshaper Review

Shapeways is a company that allows you to “print” a 3-d design you have created using their design applications or your own design software or a design others have created and made available for purchase.  You can choose a variety of materials – metals, sandstone, or plastics – to render your creation.  Recently Shapeways has …

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