iPad cases and covers

iPad cases are a dime a dozen now days. They come in many styles, materials and sizes. I have stated in other reviews that I tend to be over protective of my electronic devices, so a case is a must. I currently sport a simple, but effective case to protect my iPad Air. It  protects… Read More

There are certain things in life that demand a price premium, such as a 1985 Dom Perignon or Monte Cristo #4, but an Ipad case?  Issentiel of Paris provides a line of smartphone and tablet cases crafted in leather.  The iPad 2 case I received to review lists for $99, which I think qualifies as… Read More

The Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater case adds a new dimension of sound to the anemic speakers of the iPad 2 and iPad 3rd generation.  Belkin‘s new case adds quite a bit of bulk and weight to the iPad, but it also adds a full-range speaker system and a powerful sound processor designed by Audifi to… Read More

When the Apple iPad 2 was unveiled, one of its most vaunted features was its ability to use something called a Smart Cover, a cover made of leather or polyurethane that magnetically attaches to the left side of the iPad 2, and which can wake the iPad 2 when it is opened, and cause the… Read More

Apple apparently has accepted that, while their Smart Covers are great, people want to protect the backs of their iPads, too.  They’ve moved away from the clunky case they created for the original iPad, and they’ve created the sleek, form-fitting Smart Case for iPad 2 and the new iPad.  Instead of just introducing a back… Read More

Pong offers iPhone cases that are designed to protect you from radiation while improving your signal strength, and now they are adapting that technology to the new iPad.  Their new iPad Pong Cases are designed for both the WiFi-only and the WiFi-plus-cellular versions of the new iPad.  Pong states that their technology has been scientifically… Read More

The Grip 3 Case from ColorWare fits the iPad 2 and the new iPad, and it will give you a solid grip on the iPad as you carry it around.  The Grip 3 has a billet aluminum frame with rubber inserts for a secure fit.  The back insert is made of fiberglass and is removable. … Read More

Griffin, in their third year of partnership with Threadless, a “Chicago-based company transforming artwork from its 1.8 million+ members into exciting products”, are introducing a line of cases for iPhone and iPad.  Their new Elan Folio for iPad is a folio-style cover that also functions as a stand.  The Elan has a canvas exterior, microsuede… Read More

The Enduro for iPad case from PADACS has a built-in 6800mAh battery that can increase the battery life of the iPad 2 by 75% or the new iPad by 50%.  The super-slim battery has an “MCU control chipset for smart power pack and iPad charging” and built-in power management software.  It has “one button smart… Read More

We’ve told you about a lot of iPad products from Levenger, but this is the first I’ve seen that incorporates the iPad with their line of Circa notebooks.  The Circa iPad Foldover Notebook looks like one of Levenger’s normal Foldover Notebooks.  It has a black leather cover with 1″ black Circa rings, and it contains… Read More

A while back, I told you about some beautiful embossed smart covers for iPad from an Etsy store called Handiwork by punkassjim.  Inspired by the cover of an old electrical handbook, Jim Thorpe set about creating a cover for his iPad that incorporated the cover design of the handbook.  Luckily for us, he realized his… Read More

Like most folio cases, the Pad Stash case from Nau opens like a book, holds your iPad in a frame, and folds into a viewing stand.  Unlike most other cases on the market, the Pad Stash gives back 2% of every sale to humanitarian and environmental Partners for Change.  They also “source natural, renewable fibers produced… Read More

The Bowden and Sheffield Minimalist iPad Cases are another Kickstarter project.  These cases are made from natural materials, and they are designed to be “sturdy enough to take a beating, but sleek enough for any setting.”  They’ll fit the iPad 2 or new iPad.  The Bowden is made of bead-blasted, aircraft-grade aluminum, walnut or cherry… Read More

The Totoya Creatures cover turns your iPad or iPhone into an interactive toy for toddlers (or for those young at heart). By loading the appropriate app to your device and slipping it into the cover, the cutouts can be used to interact with the Creature. “As the iPad is safely protected “in the belly of the… Read More

Face it, as much as we love our iPads, they can be a bit difficult to hold without a case.  The AProduct company has designed a case with an ergonomic shape that can make holding the iPad easier.  The Kork cover is made from cork and is thicker than most iPad covers and has a… Read More