Everything Tablet 360° case for iPad Air review

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iPad cases are a dime a dozen now days. They come in many styles, materials and sizes. I have stated in other reviews that I tend to be over protective of my electronic devices, so a case is a must. I currently sport a simple, but effective case to protect my iPad Air. It  protects and also acts as a stand when using my iPad in landscape mode. In order for me to switch from this case to another one, it has to have a feature that is unique and useful for me. The Everything Tablet 360° case for iPad Air is unique in its ability to allow not only multiple viewing angles, but also allowing you to turn from landscape to portrait mode.

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I was sent the Cherry red Carbon model to test. This case also comes in vibrant orange and black carbon. I will note here that although Everything Tablet is based out of the United Kingdom, they have informed me that they are now shipping from within the US, so no long wait times when you order.

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The 360° case for iPad Air  has the following features:

  • Three viewing slots
  • Full 360° rotation
  • Ultra durable
  • Light weight
  • Secure closure
  • Auto sleep wake

Along with being light weight (8.4 ounces), the size and thickness make this case a nice traveling companion. The cover of the case has an elastic strap that secures the cover so it will stay closed in all sorts of conditions. The front cover also has an “everything tablet” logo embossed into it.

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The rear of the 360° case for iPad Air is where all the magic happens as they say. The rear has cutouts for the camera and mic, it is also the connecting point for the front cover. The large round opening in the center of the case is where the front cover is attached to the plastic iPad case. The large circle is actually the pivot point for the front cover which allows you to rotate your iPad 360°.

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The inside of the case itself is actually plastic, but as you can see from this picture of the back of the case, the folks at Everything Tablet did beautiful job in wrapping it in what appears to be the same Carbon fiber like material used on the front cover. The bottom and the top of the 360° case for iPad Air are both open for access to all the ports and buttons. The left and right sides cover the sides of my iPad Air except for one large cutout to accommodate the lock switch and the volume buttons.

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The inside of the front cover for the 360° case for iPad Air is covered in what appears to be a micro suede material. The inside of the cover also three indentations cut into it, this allows you to adjust the viewing angle of your iPad while using it in both landscape and portrait modes. The outer cover and inner cover are both securely stitched together adding durability and a sense of quality to this case.

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Similar to most iPad cases and covers on the market, the 360° case for iPad Air allows you to use your iPad in the landscape mode with three viewing angles.

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What makes this case stand out to me is its ability to rotate, allowing me to view my iPad Air in the portrait mode. As the 360° case for iPad Airs name indicates you can truly rotate your iPad 360° in this case. I have found on occasion that it is not practical or possible to view some things on my iPad in landscape mode and most cases do not accommodate for that. This case does.

So, what’s my bottom line here? I like this case. The Everything Tablet 360° case for iPad Air has a well thought out design, detailed and quality craftsmanship and performs very well. Some things I did notice: the case is a little bulkier than my previous case, it is not a deal breaker, but did take some getting use to. Without the elastic band the cover did not always stay close enough to my iPad to keep it in sleep mode, again not a deal breaker. Now here is one of the best things about this case, the price. At $29.99 from the Everything Tablet web page, you would be hard pressed to find better quality and versatility in an iPad case, and since it is now being shipped from the US, shipping time is less. If you are looking for an iPad case, I would recommend checking out the 360 case for iPad Air.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Everything Tablet. Please visit http://www.everythingtablet.com/ for more info.


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