This fan won’t just keep you cool, it will keep you retro cool!

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Vornado fans have been around since 1945, and while the style looks very much the same today, the materials used in the fans have changed over the years.  Vornado fans use their signature “Vortex Technology to provide complete circulation of all the air throughout a room.  Twin air cones and a deep-pitched propeller compress and move higher volumes of air and push it farther.”  Vornado just released their VFAN, which reproduce their 1945 models.  The VFAN has durable metal construction (with black plastic blades, like the 1945 original), a full-action pivot head, three speeds, and deep-pitched blades to move more air than you’d expect from a fan only 13.8″ tall X 8.12″ deep X 11.8″ wide with a 7″ diameter grill.  The VFAN is available for $139.99 in green, red, or shiny chrome.  Go to the Vornado site to learn more and to purchase the VFAN.

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